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Thoughts of a Sensitive: Oddest thing

10 Mar


Being sensitive and people overload

30 Oct


I haven’t blogged for awhile and I apologize, dear readers. I’ve been busy with Designing Fairy Cinema and writing my next book; not to mention adjusting to Giant Puppy’s needs. (Okay, I just mentioned it.) Actually, she’s been really good.

I wanted to write about overwhelm, which is one of the biggest issues sensitive folks encounter. I thought, why not write about the topic when I’m feeling the least overwhelmed? I’ve pretty much had gotten so used to that frantic state I miss the adrenaline rush. Back last year and half of this year I was dealing with taking care of an incontinent elderly beagle, Grad School classes, my business, and a part time job. I was stuck in the fast lane to get everything done and pretty much lived on sugar to keep my natural humming bird energy up. I loved the classes and I miss Sarah, but I’m starting to adjust to enjoy the calm, natural energy.

It’s easy to overwhelm when you are sensitive. We take in so much information at once at a deep level that it’s easy to tip that balance in the red. And if you are in a vulnerable space emotionally, it’s really easy to blow your fuse.

I remember a few years back going to an outdoor concert with a friend. I took one look at the huge crowded line in front of me and almost blew a gasket right there. My breathing quickened, and I forgot about my feet. The line was moving at a caterpillar pace to the ticket booth. We weren’t even in the stadium and I could feel panic rising. We made it in and there were lines of chairs on the lawn in front of the stage and bleachers everywhere. Thank goodness the stadium was outside otherwise I’d have felt trapped.

I asked my friend if we could sit in an aisle so I wasn’t sandwiched in and he didn’t understand and ignored my request.  I needed some air  and psychic space around me. More and more people took the seats surrounding us. I couldn’t breathe. What made things worse, was the performer wasn’t on time! So the waiting went on and on with me stuck like a sardine. This was too many damn people! All this energy around me. I could feel hopes, dreams, thoughts, issues. Yeah, sure I put up some protection, visualized a couple bubbles. But that was a lot of people.  I could even shame myself for not being able to stand firm against all these energies. Yeah, that’s realistic.

Once the concert finally started I was in better shape. Focusing on something fun really blocks out the noise. I sang, I tried to dance in my chair, but I still felt boxed in.

And then even my friend started to crowd me. My friend wanted to go in the casino afterwards. Hey, why not? Let’s see if Ronni can blow a fuse in public and explode in little pieces all over the flashing little light machines. Thank goodness for my body. I got a migraine that tried to push out all those visiting energies. I had to go home. I tried to explain, but I wasn’t being heard, so I stormed out.


Is there something wrong with me for not enjoying that? Shouldn’t I toughen up? Heck no! Part of being deliciously sensitive, is knowing yourself. If you were allergic to peanuts, would you scream and tell yourself that you needed to toughen up? No! You’d frickin’ avoid those peanuts at all costs. If I were put into that situation again, I’d do a few self care things:

  • I’d sit in aisle seat. Maybe even find an area that had lots of space around it. I’d try to make those needs met.
  • I’d allow myself to take lots of breaks where there weren’t so many people. Maybe take a few bathroom breaks. Take a breather outside the stadium if necessary.
  • I’d find a new friend to go with. Sorry, but my friends need to know me and listen to what I need to do for self care, whatever that’s about or is.
  • I’d bring ear plugs. I’d still hear the music but it would drown out the high noise.
  • I did take flower essences at the time but I think I’d need some really strong ones for protection and calm. Probably grab for Rescue Remedy.
  • It would be okay to “small” it down. What does that mean? It’s like that pie in my freezer right now. I could have some of it. I don’t have to eat the whole thing at once. I could watch half the concert if I wanted, which would be enough to enjoy, but not too much to overwhelm.

Overload happens not just in crowded situations. I can feel crowded by other people. If I have a lot of demands coming at me, I will try to please everyone around me, make them happy, do a good job, and then I can overload on that pushing energy. I will take on way more than I should.

I remember teaching book illustrating with a fellow artist at a Montessori school. The kids were so lovely, creative and open-eyed. I fell in love with them. But those teacher hours are slightly insane. There was rarely a break away from the energies of these kids who each individually demanded a great deal of attention, which I was trying to give. I hadn’t learned at that point how to know my limits and regulate my energy. I would come home at the end of the day either bursting into tears or having signs of physical overwhelm.

Now keep in mind, being sensitive doesn’t mean I can’t handle a lot or am “delicate.” That’s super important to point out. Honey, I’m stronger than most people I know. Ask my closest friends.  The amount of stuff I can handle emotionally far outweighs my physical sensitivity.

There’s nothing wrong with us. No, we shouldn’t be living in bubbles. We are what we are. We’ve got that fine-tuned nervous system brilliant for some things (and amazing gifts that come with that sensitivity, that you will notice the non-sensitive flock to for answers) but it just comes with some special care  instructions.


A little note about upcoming classes. I will only be offering the core classes this November. The Empath Skills class now comes with a little yummy twist (a mini reading). Check out and sign up for it here. If you want to be informed about the upcoming books in the Sensitive series, do subscribe to this site (sign-up found in the right sidebar).


5 Jun

A little tip for the Sensitive today…I’ve spent most my morning organizing my messy files on the computer. I’ve got old lessons mixed in with new in their file folders, files not in the right folders and in strange places, and basically, a big visual mess. When I am super busy this is usually what happens. Last week was such a week for me and I can tell from just looking at my computer and at my living room. How did my hairbrush end up on my kitchen table?

With all this disorganization, it makes sense that I would feel totally unfocused and even ungrounded. So, I spent the morning rearranging my schedule to reestablish some needed order. I’ve been cursing a little looking at the sheer mess of it all and both my dog girls have exited the room about an hour ago. I am sure, though, once I am done, I will feel a lot more focused and calm. Are you in a similar situation? Need to get things more organized?

Back to work…

Focusing and the Sensitive

23 Apr

Did you see that shiny thing?

I get distracted easily. As a sensitive person, I tend to get swept away with the tide around me and lose focus. As a creative person, I can get have way too many ideas and want to do them TODAY.

I wrote about this in my book, but I had this lesson reinforced the other day.

In Yogalates class, we bend our bodies into many balancing poses. There’s one pose that contorts my body into a tree, which I really like. I had one leg bent at the knee and my arms outstretched into my swaying leaves.  I found myself checking on the other students to see how they were doing and sure enough, that was my downfall. I fell over. Poor tree. I got myself back into the pose and focused on the floor in front of me and centered on my own tree. I felt my branches reaching to the sky, my legs, um, trunk, strong. I could have stood there for hours! I felt like no wind or storm could knock me down!

After being a tree, my thoughts churned over how I often start my day with lots of goals and get lost. I get pulled by all the threads around me. The internet is the worst. I love my Facebook buddies, but I can get caught up into the loop for hours. Everything is so fast and there’s so much coming at me that is interesting. There goes my goals.

Knowing I have this tendency, I have to fight the pull to very shiny things. They distract me from my own gold. The answer is to re-center, however I can do this. Unfortunately, that means a little less time on Facebook and more time sitting in Nature so I can hear myself. It’s funny how Nature is filled with beauty and shininess but I am pushed more into myself then scattered. It must be the radio dial to CALM vs. Facebook’s dial to EXCITE.

Another tool I am finding that is helping me center and focus is setting goals. I’m reading a great book on receiving that I will probably share later. I like the goal setting idea because know that when I do center, I can be very focused and can easily accomplish what I want. Having goals, keeps the focus on what I want, rather than get pulled by everyone else’s wants.

If Nature isn’t doing the trick, I can always reach for flower essences to help give me that edge and extra support. I like SOAP TREE YUCCA for focusing, and Desert Willow helps me stand tall. SQUASH helps me be strong in sticking to what I need.

The biggest tool is knowing that I can get easily thrown off and to try and limit what I take in. Too much coming in will look like overwhelm in my system, and I will appear “flighty” and scattered when I am really just caught up in the tornado around me.

Be strong trees, Sensitives!

10 Things on the Internet That Send Me Backwards

14 Apr

It’s not that I’m too sensitive, I just have an excellent radar of what gives me energy and what takes it away. The problem is I need to listen to that radar as the built-in gift that it is!

My Radar showed me this week the 10 things that send me backwards into a radio dial of YUCK vs. YAY while on the Internet.

  1. Reading Local News. Here in Yavapai County we have the most BEEP’ed-up and corrupt system. It’s like the local agencies and judicial system are all high on crack making decisions, and spend most of their time trying to cover up how much they screw up. It’s soooo disillusioning and brings up feelings of hopelessness.
  2. High School news. I will say it if no one else does–why do I want to hear about folks who I went to high school with so many years later? Didn’t I escape being an insecure, clumsy teenager with superficial silliness? Does it even matter anymore? And the high school friends I want to be in touch with, I am already in touch with. Ugh. There’s also the “how is my life now?” thing that happens in your head. I think it’s called midlife crisis. Another Ugh that spirals down.
  3. Politics.The politicians right now are all playing mean head games and no one is honest and upfront. It’s an empath’s nightmare.
  4. Celebrity deaths. So, so sad. What a waste. Such heartbreak.
  5. Spam. I don’t want to grow my manhood two inches or pick up hot dates. If I get one more “Adriana wants to talk to you”, I will scream! Spammers, do me a favor. At least be better marketers. When you send these things out, find out if you are sending to a man or woman at least.
  6. Angelina Jolie news. I really don’t care Angelina is now engaged to Brad Pitt. Let’s face it. Beyond the personas, you know you pick up that they are pretty screwed up underneath. Besides, I don’t have a relationship with these people. They aren’t my people.
  7. The internet’s use of women as parts. I see that kind of stuff and I feel like my power is being stripped away from me until all that is left of me is how big my boobs are or how thin I am.
  8. High School. I know I said that one, but I think it really pushes a button. Because I’m feeling Yucky again. How many years ago was that for cripe’s sake?
  9. Photos of Abused Dogs. I know you want to arrange awareness for what happened to a poor, abused dog, but I’m visual. This image won’t leave me for days. Plus, I’m empathic and can pick up the dog’s pain. It’s like I’m getting abused seeing these photos. That doesn’t help your cause or the dog.
  10. Spiritual Quotes that don’t really say anything. I like my guidance to assist me or give me tools or a new awareness. Crap like, “Just be love,” doesn’t work for me. It’s just floaty and airy, and I think you are probably smoking something good vs. being enlightened.

Okay, now that you are annoyed and bothered with me, let’s go for the opposite.

The Antidote

  1. Real Support. I’ve really loved and enjoyed all the beautiful, inspiring and loving people I’ve met on Facebook and through my website. Where did you come from? Where were you most of my life? I am so grateful for your inner beauty and how much you have gifted me. Such lovely community!
  2. Photos of dogs doing cute things. I especially love stories about dogs who are heros and make a difference in their people’s lives. My heart just sings when I see these things.
  3. The right words. Don’t you just love when someone posts something that you so needed to hear that day? It’s pure guidance channeled through them.
  4. Good news. I love to hear good news about my friends and how life is being hopeful and positive for them. That helps me feel more hopeful for my own life.
  5. Authenticity. I would much rather hear someone being real, like saying, they feel like crap or are sad. Or they are frustrated because this manifesting thing isn’t working! I hate the false positive stuff.
  6. Inspiration. As an artist, I can be fed a simple picture and be inspired to make a slew of things. Watching one episode of Project Runway on Netflix has me redesigning my clothes and dressing the dog.
  7. Information that really helps. A lively discussion can lead me to the right supplement to give to Sarah, or whatever else I’m researching in the moment.
  8. Fairy anything. Like duh. Of course I’d like this. Show me a fairy house or a beautiful flower and I’m fed.
  9. Sometimes I like the Astrology or God Wants You to Know statuses, when they are spot on. Then they fall into the category of #3.
  10. Humor. Boy, I love how easily humor can lift my mood so quickly. I then take life so less seriously. One really good episode of Saturday Night Live on Hulu and I’m practically peeing in my pants.

What kind of empath are you?

22 Mar

I’m a Nature/Spirit/Animal Empath. What does that mean? I have no idea. No really, it means that as an empath, I am attuned to or can communicate as an empath to those realms.

Awhile back, I posted a fun quiz to help you find out what kind of empath you are. With this info, you know what direction to focus on to develop your empathic abilities. Here it is:

The “What Kind of Empath am I?” quiz

Circle in your head or write down the numbers which apply.

  1. You come down with a sudden, horrible stomach ache. Logical mind says it was a bad lunch or the flu going around, but then your dog enters the room and pukes on the carpet, and looks a little green around the edges. (physical or animal empath)
  2. While shopping at the nearby Walmart, you enter the frozen food section and want to burst out into tears. You feel overwhelming, deep sadness and loneliness. (emotional empath or allergy to poorly designed boxed foods)
  3. While relaxing on the couch you suddenly hear words come from your dog, “I want to go for a walk now.” (animal empath or the result of smoking too many mushrooms)
  4. Sitting in the backyard you feel a wave of joy come over you and a sense of peace, and you have an urge to smell the rose bush (nature empath, or the mushrooms are still doing their stuff from the day before)
  5. You feel down and angry when two minutes before you felt peaceful. Your closest friend then calls and says he is feeling down and angry. (emotional empath)
  6. Two days before a major earthquake hits another country you have nightmares of earthquakes, anxiety or feelings of doom (mission empath)
  7. You know that one fern plant needs more water and to be placed in a sunnier window (nature empath or you’ve read a lot of books on houseplants)
  8. You receive strong messages or channelings that will help the world regarding self esteem (mission empath or still feel the effects of the mushrooms)
  9. You enter a hospital and feel fear, sadness, anxiety. You walk by one room and feel a pain in your side (physical empath or emotional empath)
Circled one or more nature empath: NATURE EMPATH you’re tuned into the Nature Spirits and Fairies. Welcome aboard fellow fairy.
Circled one or more emotional empath: EMOTIONAL EMPATH you’re tuned into the emotions of others. You just need tools and good boundaries.
Circled one or more physical empath: PHYSICAL EMPATH you’re tuned into the physical ailments of others. You will just need to discern how to get rid of the feelings and not take it on.
Circled one or more animal empath: ANIMAL EMPATH you’re tuned into animals and can help them greatly.
Circled one or more mission empath: MISSION EMPATH you’re tuned into the world and your gifts will be used to help the planet.
Circled mushrooms: whoa! Where did you get that stuff?

Book Review: Paranormal

16 Feb

Paranormal: My Life in Pursuit of the Afterlife by Raymond Moody, MD, and Paul Perry (HarperOne, 2012)

I was asked by TLC Book Tours to review this book in my blog. Since I love anything on the subject of the paranormal, and have read Dr. Moody’s previous book, Life After Life, I jumped at the chance.

The book’s title is misleading as it is more about Dr. Moody’s life-long pursuit of proving that the near-death experience is a normal happening in the human existence vs. “paranormal.”

This is a memoir that begins with him explaining his fascination with the subject after being told of an uncle’s childhood dog that appeared to come back to life after being hit by truck, but later reappeared in the flesh.

His was a loving, close-knit family that encouraged his curiosity but was later disrupted when his father reappeared after being sent away to war. It’s his father’s reappearance that started his fight between his father’s world, with a surgeon’s mind of only logic and facts, vs. the exploration of the unseen and seemingly impossible.

Another important key in his quest was the loss of his beloved, nurturing grandfather, who later has a stroke and was unable to fully communicate or support his grandson as he once did.

How I differ in many of the reviewers on this tour, is I, like many of my blog readers, have a deep knowing that there is an afterlife. I don’t need to be convinced. I’ve had multiple visits from “spirits” throughout my life starting when I was very young, and the seemingly impossible is my norm, with each day and each exploration opening up the doorway of perception to what is real. I didn’t read this book as a skeptic, because I have this ability. So, instead, I read his life tale cheerleading him on that he indeed would find lots of proof of the afterlife he could document and share with the rest of the world, and he does, through his many scientific experiments.

His beginning experiments were met with enthusiasm, but the more he advanced in his career he ventured into more riskier or more “woo-woo” areas such as crystal-scrying, that led to using mirrors to meet with deceased loved ones, that  much of the medical community, especially his logic-bearing, rigid father concluded he had lost his mind. He had veered too out of the mainstream for them to accept.

Paramount to his struggle throughout his life, and what I thought was ironic, was that the medical community he worked with solely based their conclusions on logic, and not any form of true intuition or perception, therefore, they missed the crucial diagnosis he had of a dangerous thyroid illness that kept him ill most of his life!  But it was this same illness that allowed him to eventually have true, first-hand understanding of his life-long work into the near-death experience.

I enjoyed the book which held my interest. It is a little slow-going at first as I was anxious to jump right into his near-death work, but knowing his early beginnings contributed and helped me understand his overall story better.

Walking away from reading it, I did have the thought that his pursuit for later contact with passed loved ones was on the surface a desire to help those that are grieving, but maybe more of a personal desire to finally heal that personal wound of experiencing many loved ones in childhood who were there in physical body but unattainable/untouchable in spirit.

Thank you to Trish for allowing me to review this book. To continue on in the book tour and read what others have reviewed go to the master schedule here.

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