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Can’t hear guidance?

13 Sep

from the TAG101 class Starts September 21st

A peek at the Fairy Beginner class

5 Jan

On January 20th, the new session begins of Fairy Online School. I’m super excited. I will try to share on my blog/website different peeks into the classes to entice you to join us by signing up.

The Fairy Beginner Fairy Healing class is one of my favorite classes and one of the first ones I created. It’s evolved and expanded as time has gone on including featured flower essences for each lesson and more and more information added. Here’s a promised peek:

There’s lots of fun forms and keys that make learning about healing with Nature simple.

we talk about plants and their healing qualities

we go into the Forest to meet our Fairy Guides

you get to create some fun homework (artwork by Meg Fasciano)

you learn how to make a flower essence for your healing

Sounds cool, huh? Go sign up here.

Reconnecting to Everyday Joy and Miracles this week

7 Nov

Back in 2005, I started Fairy Online School. I was burnt out and tired in my intuitive biz from all the sadness I encountered, and I was going through lots of psychic, expansion changes. I needed support for my sensitivity and quite simply, a little joy to raise my spirits back up. In came that delicious fairy energy, and with it, my love for Nature, and the discovery of my first flower essence I created to heal.

What exactly is fairy energy? I believe we all have it deep down inside. It’s that joyful, playful part we had as children. It’s interested in discovery and gets excited over finding an inch worm on a leaf. It’s grounded in Nature and in our environment and our senses. It’s also that little bit of silly that has you laughing at inappropriate times when you need the humor the most.

This time of year, I always think of my mom, who crossed over in 1995, but is still a pretty active, visiting spirit.  When I was growing up, my mom shared with me the little delights in the world–collecting tiny toys for the holidays; having a hidden stash of candy to dip into; noticing the picture in the clouds; following  that cute, little inch worm on the leaf; and enjoying a good story. It’s the little things we can focus on to bring back the joy into our lives to keep us afloat when everything else in our world is crazy, and boy, life sure has been crazy!

I told my good friend the other day, if this is really end times, I want to go out drawing, snuggling my dogs, eating pizza and cupcakes every day! That’s the fairy way.

Fairy Online School is the marriage between that re-connection we have with the spiritual world that is filled with miracles, awe, and support, and the creating and enjoying with fairy energy as we learn!

I invite you to join us with the many from all over the world reconnecting to miracles, to those we think we lost, to new friends of support this Friday when Fairy Online School starts its new session. Develop your natural, intuitive abilities while having fun, and most importantly, reconnect to you! Head on over to this page to reserve your space in the classes of your choice that start Friday. (Go sign up for my newsletter, Fairy Blessings, and you receive a special fairy discount on classes).

Favorite Ghosty, Spirit Posts

23 Oct

Halloween is fast approaching, and when I think of Halloween I always think of ghosts and spirit visits. Of course! Fun huh? Obviously, spirit communication is a fascination and a passion for me. It may be for you, too. So, here’s my favorite past posts on the subject to enjoy:


List: When I can Hear Guidance and When I Can’t

27 Jun

I’ve been keeping track when, how and where I hear good guidance vs. fears, spirits and crazy thoughts picked up along the way. Here’s my list of when I hear guidance the best:

  1. In the bathtub. No seriously. Water acts like a conductor and I get all kinds of big ah-ha’s being submerged in water. When I used to swim I always received a ton of creative ideas.
  2. Being around like-minded’s. Many of my buds are intuitive and when I am around or talk to them, I am raised up and tuned-in. We amplify each other.
  3. When I am happy. Duh.
  4. Being in Nature = #3 above.
  5. When the computer is turned off and the radio, tv, etc., I can hear much better. That seems logical as there is no interference. When my computer went down, after the first few days of serious withdrawal symptoms, I began to hear again after being shut down (hey, I just caught that. My computer shut down when I shut down!)
  6. Today at Unity Center, I was raised up. Once the music began playing from William Eaton and his daughter, I was in bliss. I could then hear true guidance and suggestions that my Guides have been trying to pass along, but I wasn’t able to hear before.
  7. I’d like to say when I am high on sugar, but that just makes me hyper, not wiser, unfortunately.
  8. When I am feeling loved. My heart is open and I am receptive to the good.
  9. When I draw. That’s when I am relaxed and doing what I love. Super-easy to reach me with good advice.
  10. The dream state! If I am having a very hard time hearing and need guidance, I sleep on it. Next morning I usually awake very wise with answers.

My List for When I don’t Hear Guidance or Hear False Guidance:

  1. When I am bitchy. Ha ha! Bad moods usually mean I am shut down and in a Nasty Fairy state of mind.
  2. Negative tv watching. I watched one show the other night and was not feeling right for a whole day.
  3. Fear. When I am lost in my own or someone else’s fear, I really can’t hear true guidance. I am like a spinning top in my own world of my own yuckky making that consists of the past or the imagined future.
  4. When I am very tired. I tend to zone out completely or hear guidance in small blips that come in and out.
  5. When I am in negative environments usually where the old paradigms work, at least they think it works. Being in those is like trying to hear through mud. Be there long enough and survival is based on only if you become blind and dumb.
  6. Negative or mean people. That kinda goes along with number 5. Being around negative people gets me going and then I’m useless for hours. They usually give unhelpful advice based on their negative experiences or filter. (Did you hear the new Taylor Swift song Mean? It’s so on.)
  7. When I am trying too hard to hear.
  8. When I am in my head not my heart and I think I know the answers using “logical mind” vs. feel and really know the answers.
  9. When I use a pendulum. I’m one of those people who can’t. Apparently, I get a great deal of false positives when I want a positive. It’s very frustrating.
  10. When I am really angry at God and my Guides. Face it, that shuts close the door for a little while. Thank goodness they are patient.

So, try to do a little more of the first list, and recognize when you are doing some of the second list. I know I will try to.

Spirit and Angel Hugs

6 Apr

Yesterday I was feeling sad and reflecting on a problem I had, and I felt a presence to the right of me say, “It will be okay. It will work out.” I then felt a spirit hug: yummy chills up and down my body. I love that!

Because I like to teach and share my experiences, I did what every detective and scientist would do. I analyzed what happened.

Was the voice inside my head like my own thought or outside my head? No, I’m not schizophrenic and hear voices, so it did come into my head like when I experience telepathy with the animals. It was more a foreign thought then my own. I was feeling sad and working on my site before this visit message, and that is where my focus was. I wasn’t thinking positively.

I experimented later on–forcing a thought to come through. It was like mind constipation. It sure didn’t flow. I also noticed that my head went quiet and I felt alone in the room vs. when I heard the message.

In my classes, I often have students practice the “rubber ball” technique. Students are divided into teams of two and practice sending with their minds different images of different colors, like a rubber ball. Students do a terrible job when they are trying so hard. No one receives any correct images. And forcing to send an image so forcefully creates so much psychic static no one can hear.

Spirit or Angel? I’d have to say Spirit. Spirit guides and friends are those who have passed and we have loved. Angel messages, for me, feel more behind me, feel large and encompassing. Spirits feel like they are in the room with me and communicate through telepathy or thoughts. I can feel if they are feminine or masculine. If I had tuned in more and asked, the spirit may have told me who they were, but it was a quick visit.

Your Spirit Guides can serve as guardian angels. I know mine do.

Have you had a spirit or angel hug during a visit?

Facts about Ghosts

4 Jan

Many folks come to my blog with questions about spirits and ghosts. This is an area that is of great interest for me, so I love to pass along what I have experienced or know. Other experts, this may not be your knowing. I can only go by mine. So, here’s what I have learned about ghosts/spirits:

  1. Demons often are yukky people. Every time I watch Paranormal State and they bring Lorraine Warren on, I cringe. She seems like a lovely lady, but not every spirit is a demon. My own interpretation is there are yukky people and there are nice people. Just because you are dead, doesn’t mean you have found enlightenment. You may still be a yukky person. “Demons” many times are these such people who are acting out how they would have acted out in life–they are rude, nasty, trouble-some. Many times the folks who are experiencing bad hauntings were dabbling with a ouija board and called the folks in for visit without realizing that lower vibrations dig that kind of thing. The “demons” can also be thoughtforms that took life. We are that powerful in our creations. And, those that have some forms of mental illness or serious addictions do tend to attract earthbound spirit attachments.
  2. Lower vibrations–when I say lower vibration I mean that not in an arrogant-I’m better than you–definition. We all came to earth school to learn. Some of us are here for the first time and are entering first grade. They may be considered at a lower vibration.  Others, have been here many times and are ready for graduate school. Some of us, not me, have been here enough that they finally “get” it, and don’t need earth school, but came here just to help the rest of us to “get” it.
  3. Ghosts can touch you. This takes a great deal of energy and I have witnessed them moving objects many times. But hurting you? That’s not been my experience, so I can’t really comment on that. I have experienced spirit hugs, and having my hair touched. But you do have boundaries with them as you do anyone. No one is allowed to do that without your permission whether living or not. Just yell no! and state your boundaries. If they don’t listen, get really pissy and call on your Angels to escort the bugger away from you.
  4. Ghosts vs. Spirits. I consider ghosts earth-bound spirits or those who haven’t crossed over yet for whatever reason. They are either lost and confused, or not wanting to let go. Spirits are those who have crossed over but are visiting and helping you. They fall more into the Spirit Guide category.
  5. They “haunt” all the time. I always laugh when I watch the ghost-hunting shows because they find it necessary to close the lights off in the middle of the night. I went to a seance locally not too long ago where they felt the need to do the same thing. I did see some movement, but I experienced more of the fear of the dark than anything. I feel ghosts or spirits around all the time, everywhere. Maybe they come out at night because its quieter and you are sleeping and there is less noise. Our world is so busy all the time, a spirit would have to compete with a great deal to get your attention.
  6. You have to be special and a Medium to talk to spirits and ghosts fallacy. If I was a bad healer and I wanted to sell my readings, I’d say, Yes, of course! Only I can do this and I am special. Now fork over tons of money. I do readings for others so you can get a second opinion/validation, or as an alternative until you learn or access your own abilities. We ALL can do this. You may have probably done this when you were very young. Like playing the piano, some of us are better at it than others, but we just came in more “wired.” When you are having experiences you are tuning into your ability. And those who have no ability at all? They are the folks that are shut down and are probably shut down in many areas. In one of my favorite movies, Field of Dreams, the family can see the spirit baseball players having a game in the backyard. The “shut-down” brother-in-law intent on taking away the land and the house to bank foreclosure sees nothing until a crisis occurs. Isn’t that how many of us re-find our abilities?

Want to learn more? I teach and share more in my Talking to Angels, Guides and Dead People online class starting later this month. Sign up but hitting that link.

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