Obsessing on FB ads and thinking about drinking


I am learning about marketing and how to use Facebook ads.

The procedure on running and creating an ad looks a little like this.

Your mission: Pick an image and figure out how all this nonsense works for a creative person who doesn’t have a detached, analytical mind.

Decide on your target market and what interests they possess. Easy enough.

Decide on the copy. Rewrite like a billion times because it has to be JUST RIGHT.

Wait for approval on ad.

Redo ad because there’s too much copy on the ad.

Think that your ad is running but it isn’t because there’s still a tiny teeny wording that apparently is offensive because it exists and needs to be deleted.

Repeat process until that beer in the fridge is looking really good.

Finally, ad runs! But find out that you spent $7.00 in one day because it was set at $10.00 default (very tricky) and should have said $1.00 a day. Crap. I could have bought a book.

Now is the time to obsess over the ad. How many likes? How many hits? What’s the ratio? I suck at statistics, henceforth, did not get a counseling degree.

Numbers don’t add up so I freak out. What the heck? Supposed to have so many clicks but doesn’t translate into website hits. I am so busy obsessing that I haven’t created a thing all day.

Still looking at the beer in the fridge. Sparkling hard cider. Hmmm, that sounds lovely.

Why aren’t I getting enough hits for this ad? Don’t they know how important and dear this project is to me?! My emotions run high. I think it is perimenopause. Nope, it’s my artist heart whining and pouting. She refuses to create anything. She is taking it personally. I need to take a break just to console her. Why couldn’t I just be selling yard equipment, or bottled water, or something I didn’t make or create? Soooo much easier. My non-creative friends and loved ones just don’t get it. I just exposed myself by sharing what was near and dear to me.

Okay, I will look at the ad. It’s almost done. Can’t tell if I was successful or not. Was it good I got lots of clicks? And dear goodness, I have to do another ad? And go through this AGAIN? Wtf? I need to think like a business woman I am told. I am, but that darn artist/creator part is so darn sensitive and tied to the product. How can I get these two to work together?

What’s the exact formula for success here? THAT’S what I need. Tell me exactly what to do, write, how to do it and when, and I’ll do it! But there doesn’t seem to be an exact formula. It’s trial and error they tell me. Like a crap shoot? What is a crap shoot anyway?

I will have a little talk with the artist part. She tells me she will go work on the illustrations for new book if I just make an ad and leave it alone. Just walk away and then see what happens. It’s good enough, she tells me. I like to obsess. It’s part of my Jewish nature, so I debate. She’s on strike, so I need to do something. I agree to her terms.

Back to square one. Pick an image, rewrite the words…

p.s. I was good. I didn’t have that beer in the fridge. Which is good, because I am not much of a drinker. You know, the sensitive thing.

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Working on TWIGS book infused with fairy energy

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Wrote a blog over at my Land of Whimsy and Learning blog on making my upcoming TWIGS book that you can now pre-order. To read it, head on over to here.

I am learning…A little reminder on help


I am learning…no one can help you unless you ASK for help. And be clear on what kind of help you need and careful who you ask. I watch the kids struggle with problems and focus first on how they WON’T get help, how it WON’T work out. I look at them and think, I do that! My issue has always been that I think I should be able to do it all by myself, which I now realize is pure nonsense. It’s almost arrogant to think I would know every field and be expert at everything to do. My creative brain may not be able to conquer accounting or business matters that are very, very left brain and detached. I need help that does that.

And the “being clear on the help you need” is super important. Not everyone can give you the right help for specifically what you need. You need to keep asking, keep seeking. I think it is the blocks in the way that say we don’t deserve that help, for whatever reason is buried deep down in the subconscious, being a giant doo-doo and blocking the assistance. Ignore the doo and keep searching. You deserve it.

Just a thought,

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