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Did you know Mediums are from the devil?

8 Aug

A few weeks back I was informed by my father-in-law in my estranged family, that God hated mediums and this is quoted clearly in the bible. At the time, Bill was trying to relay a message I had received from a fellow medium at a workshop I took part in from his brother. The goal was to allay his Dad’s fears and give comfort by providing some answers. Instead, the man attacked the messenger.

I think about most sensitive children who notice the elephant in the room and are punished for it. This was my role most of my life. (I remember distinctly a time when I informed my mother that a guest was mad and upset when I was told this was incorrect. My mother was repeatedly embarassed by my observations, which always turned out accurate.) It’s not easy “seeing” what others don’t want you to see. But I do know that God made me this way. I’ve seen the gift as it is when I help others in their paths and brought clarity, the times I’ve saved animals’ lives with missing pieces of important information, and brought comforting messages from loved ones who weren’t really lost afterall. No, I am not serving the devil or talking to bad spirits like on television. Real, healthy good has come out of these gifts. My God is all about unconditional love and what I aspire to be one day. My God loves me and knows who I am with no judgement, and sees my gifts as what he/she gave me to help humanity.

Most sensitives grew up unaccepted for being different. It hurts when the unacceptance is not for your beliefs, but an attack on who you are. That is always about the other person’s failings–their own inner spaces they don’t want to see. (And their walls to loving).

Long ago, I had a dream that I was selling balloons to blind people, and I was pretending to be like them, blind as well. I can’t do that anymore. I will share my gifts with those who want to see and therefore, who I can assist. They are the ready ones. The rest will have different teachers, and many are not loving. And as for the unacceptance, I no longer want or need support that doesn’t accept me–all of the pieces that make up me.

Madam Barrakissa says

26 Oct

img043Madam Barrakissa says, “Empaths, Just because you can feel it, see it and experience it, does not mean you have to fix it.”

(my little alter ego filled with wisdom, Madam Barrakissa Bamba. The name is taken from a nigerian spam email. Isn’t it fabulous?)

Contacts vs. Glasses & the Empath

21 Oct

It’s amazing how switching from glasses to contact lenses again has changed my perception in life.

One thing I have noticed is I felt more protected when I had glasses. This seems strange.The glasses created a nice barrier between what I was seeing and the world. Without them, I feel vulnerable and exposed.

Being so empathic, I realize that if indeed, the eyes are a window to the soul, perhaps by seeing eye-to-eye with others I may have the tendency to jump in and read too much of another person. I don’t need to go there! My glasses are usually always dirty in some way so that extra barrier must help also.

I feel more attractive with the contact lenses back in place after the long absence, perhaps after years of brainwashing that girls with glasses don’t get passes? Ha ha. I am not sure. It’s not to the world I want to feel attractive with, but myself. I can see my eyes again and all the emotion behind them.

Seeing clearly has other disadvantages. Did I really want to notice this or that? I already notice too much in my environment. It’s almost another barrier to focusing on myself and my own world–another trap for an empath.

As I write this, my left contact is growing fuzzy. Resistant to the new vision? Do I want to run for the glasses and hide again? Maybe…

Moving is so ungrounding and movie reviews

19 Mar

We are moving into our pink house. We are taking it slow and easy–something new for us and possibly my new motto. It’s Spring Break, we are all off from work and school, so we can extend the move. What I’ve noticed is Moving is very ungrounding! Empathically, I am constantly feeling odd stuff that is belonging to my family. It’s like one big whirlwind of emotions flying around! I have to constantly stop and think, is this mine? And when the thoughts and feelings are so foreign, I know they are not. The good news is we blessed the new house, smudged it and brought in fairy energy. Emma Lou has spread her delicious puppy energy throughout the house bringing her crazy silliness in. Everytime we go I feel good and silly, which is a new feeling for me lately. I like it. I am seriously thinking of dyeing my hair red and buying a new wardrobe–ah, signs of rebirth! My own stuff has come up also–from long ago, products of old moves. All part of the ungroundedness. I am finding that taking breaks during the move has helped us a great deal. We watched a ton of movies in our downtime:

– Last night we saw The Spiderwick Chronicles in the theater. Visually lush and fun; Hubby was a little disappointed. Had a “Jumangi” feel to it I liked. Fairies seemed to be shown in a bit of a mischievious light I didn’t like.  Loved, loved the flower fairies!!!

– Hated Pan’s Labyrinth.  Yes, it is beautifully done, but boy, is it depressing and violent. Empaths, you will have a hard time with the violence. The violence only got worse as the movie went on and the images more freaky. I am so visual and sometimes these images stay for a long time. Don’t recommend.

– Love Blades of Glory.  This skating comedy is so, so funny! Just what was needed during a move. The writing is well done and unlike many comedies that fall short in laughs towards the end, this comedy keeps delivering. Two thumbs up.

Man of the Year. Love Robin Williams. Up in the air with this one. Kinda depressing, but good commentary on today’s politics.

Ghosthunter reruns. Um, duh. You know I love this series.

The Last Whimsy. Love, love this movie. It is real! The stuff the kids see is what I see most of the time, so this was very validating. This is a very forward thinking movie.  Sad when she had to say goodbye to the bunny though.

Until later movies…

Angel Healing

30 Nov

In the course of picking up Lilibeth all the time for the past months I pulled out a part of my back and misaligned everything. With lots of talks with Guides and readings with dear friend Pamela, I learned I was carrying way too much that it wasn’t my job to do. This manifested in the back problem and misalignment. When Lils was getting ready to leave, I heard her Angel say I needed to let go; I couldn’t carry her anymore. I hadn’t realized until then that I had been. Before she left, I was doing many healings on her, and attending her healing treatments at her healer’s. We were healing together.

My Angel healers have been working non-stop on me. It’s an amazing feat to watch and feel. It’s as if there are invisible doctors working on each part. When I need to heal and they will work on me, I find myself suddenly very sleepy. I woke up feeling like I had when I’ve had deep massage or a Reiki treatment. Today my back is straighter as if I went to a chiropractor. Because I was pretty out of it when I woke up, I could hear one “helper” talk to me very kindly, giving me care directions.  I am fascinated and amazed. Bad part is, I am a terrible patient. I don’t like to do nothing and sit still. So I’m blogging this morning. 🙂 Boy, these last few months HAVE been intense and very healing for the lightworkers, hasn’t it?

My Beagle is turning into a butterfly

10 Nov

We’ve been taking care of Lilibeth, our beagle, who is in the process of transitioning. A few days ago she stopped eating and her front legs started to give out. She insisted on doing this the natural way, and now she is sleeping a great deal. She’s been my little beagle for at least 15 1/2 years, maybe more. She’s one stubborn cookie, always insisting on her own way, even now. The other day I saw several blinks above her head and tuned in to an angel with yellow hair. The angel communicated that I could let go, she would take care of Lils. I do believe that angel is our Foxy, our other dog, who has shown me her real self several times. As Lils sleeps, I’ve seen many little lights around her, and have been reassured many times. My main concern is if I am doing all I can for her during this process. She’s been very vocal to me lately, which has helped. She seems to be mostly in the dreamtime now, cuddling her big bear Montana. Foxy checks on her every now and then. Honestly, I want her to be able to walk and run again easily, and see clearly. I just wish she could do all that now, here. Even being able to see and experience the other realms so easily, I still prefer to have her on this journey with me in the physical, but I know that isn’t best for her any more. I think there is an exit portal around this time frame. Lucy left her body the same time last year, and Jakey, her beloved brother, a few years before.

Head hurts, seeing angels, & freaky new skills

28 Sep

Took Jess to my healers association meeting last night at the library. Well, actually she ran off to the teen zone. There should not be that many healers in one room–my head was aching so much from the energies, I thought it would explode! So, I left early. On the way home, I actually began to see the energy I had absorbed and was clearing it out from my body. This is a fascinating skill. Anyhow, when we got home, Jess and I sat and talked to our Guides and compared notes. I found it freaky that I could hear my own Guide so clearly, especially lately. My Guardian Angel, according to Jess looks very “sexy”, has made frequent appearances. I have always been able to hear others’ guides so easily, but my own logical mind can get in the way of believing my own guide’s voice (occupational hazard). With this big shift we’ve all experienced, my guide is closer and louder than ever before! I asked why and he said mysteriously, that is “according to plan”. Hmmmm. Makes you wonder.

On another note of seeing spirits, my daughter came home yesterday saying some woman with short curly hair (spirit lady) followed her around in school for a short time and said to her “Oh, so you’re her!” I had the sad news later that my aunt who had been quite ill had passed. She had never had the pleasure to meet Jessica. She had short curly hair.

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