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A lovely review

12 Aug

“I am on my last class TAG101 to achieving my certification for Animal Communication!! I have loved all of the classes I have taken with Ronni and will continue to learn whatever she is teaching in the future!! The classes associated with Animal Communication ROCK! I have always thought I was empathic enough but now with all of her tricks of the trade revealed and new ideas I have resolved many issues with my departed loved fur babies that helped me feel less guilty about decisions I was trying to make regarding them and their last little bit of time with me here on Earth. It became very personal and hard to share but all in all just an amazing journey!! Thank you Ronni for giving us such an amazing platform to learn from and while your journey is moving in a new and fabulous way I will try to keep up with you and take in all the fun and fantastic things you are creating anew!! Fairy School is amazing and I will miss it, but as you have said on to new and more fun things (paraphrasing there)!! Thank you so much and many blessings along your way!!” — Jan Wilson,  Northern Nevada

Many thank you’s to Jan and all the students of the Fairy and Empath Online School. Right now I am offering Mentoring Packages here and developing new creative classes and programs over here.

Selling a Fairy in a Bottle: Classes Start Friday

16 Apr



Selling fairies in bottles! Okay, maybe more like liberating the fairies from bottles by offering fun fairy classes. The more folks know about healing with Nature and other cool fairy stuff, the more they feel freer and funner (is that a word?) The Flower Essences class starts Friday, where you learn how to heal and mad scientist experiment making flower essences safely and easily. And the popular Fairy Healing Secrets class is also offered, both part of the Fairy Healer Certification.

There’s also classes for Sensitive folk including the Empath Skills class, which helps you tame your empathic gifts.

And the Tell Your Story class, popular with the creative folk, starts a new session Friday. Doodle, shoot, collage your way to what your inner voice is trying to tell you. This will be the last time I will be offering this online class.

After the April start date, it’s the Summer Schedule with core classes offered on a Self-Serve basis starting any Friday, so I can go sit on a beach somewhere and contemplate my navel while getting some needed rest (more then likely I will be creating, because that is what I do).

So head on over to the CATALOG and sign up and join the fun, as well as, free some fairies.

This Week’s Featured Card: P is for Fairy Path

20 Nov


P is for Fairy Path.

This card can have many meanings for you when you see it, so always trust your guidance. There is one lesson associated with this card I’d like to share that demonstrates the negative and positive aspects of this card.

Everyone has a path unique to themselves. If something isn’t on your path, or you try to walk in the footsteps of someone else’s path, it won’t work. I saw this lesson recently in my own life.

I’m thick. Sometimes I need a cosmic two-by-four to bop me in the head to pay attention to what I need to know. I often experience the lesson over and over until I “get it.”

When I lost my part time gig marketing because of the economy, I really muddled around. I went the logical route and followed family advice to go after what was most lucrative. I learned quickly what doesn’t work for me. I had one nightmare situation after another as I desperately chased after the money I needed vs. where my heart wanted to go. On hindsight, I was probably using or offering skills that aren’t my best. I can honestly say that I even went into a fog where I forgot completely what my path was. I had to ask my friends what was it I loved to do, as if a giant cloud took over my focus and my memories.

I had one job offer that was such a bad fit that I felt ill even thinking about it. But here I was, in a time period when my school wasn’t running yet (it was late summer), my deck wasn’t released, and I had lost my pt job. I was desperate. I had to make a decision and fast, but every time I thought about this job, I either had a back ache, stomach ache or rashes. Many friends around me insisted this was my one choice, but then several looked at me, and knew, this was not a job that was on my path. It didn’t fit my sensitive personality, even a little bit. I’d probably last through a few days of training before messing up or needing to be on migraine medicine.

Things did improve but it was one dark period trusting myself to get back on path. I knew I loved teaching, writing and creating products that teach. It was my heart path. I joined an online Facebook group with the fabulous Fabeku, who teaches you to find your Superpower. I knew mine, I just had to believe in it again, and believe I had a right to pursue it.

I had another interview that makes me chuckle right now. It was for a retail clothing store job. The interviewer barely looked at my resume and forgot my name (never a good sign). She didn’t care about my special skills or superpowers, she wanted to know if I could run a cash register and climb a ladder. There’s this inventory closet that is loaded with clothes and boxes and each day you would climb this ladder and check the boxes on a far shelf. Now I hate climbing ladders and heights, but I told her not a problem. But the issue was my height. Even with the ladder, I probably couldn’t reach those boxes, and she managed to point that out. I am pretty sure I didn’t get that job because of that one fact. I walked out feeling ashamed and not happy who I was, which is a sure sign you are not on your path.

On my next interview, I listened to the job described and felt tingles all through my body. I felt emotional, in a very good way–the kind of spontaneous cry that bursts through that you know you are hitting pay dirt to your soul. After we discussed the details, the interviewer told me I was an Ideal Candidate and she wanted to offer me the job. This was the complete opposite of being shamed for a ladder. The whole process was effortless and flowed. I felt like I was with a kindred spirit. I walked out feeling expansive and hopeful again wondering what other dreams I could pursue and add to that new job that followed this unique path that was made just for me.

You are supposed to feel good. You are supposed to feel honored for your special gifts. You are supposed to be appreciated. And when you don’t feel any of that, you are probably just off your unique path.


This week’s Featured Cards Brought to You by the Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck. Get your copy by clicking on the Buy Now Button. Have a deck? Take the Deck Class to learn more about the cards over here.


Fairy & Empath Online School Friday

17 Oct

Lessons going out this morning on this lovely, but a little cloudy October Fairy Friday. Energetically, that’s been one hell of a week, hasn’t it? We need a vacation! Some place warm and happy. For today, I give you a little excerpt from the Fairy Healing the Feminine class, which was one of my favorites to create. (By the way, another session starts this weekend and sign-ups open here).



This one is so timely for me, as I found myself giving too much out and not getting even the basics of what I needed. When that happened, I came to the conclusion that I would have to give out much less AND that when I don’t have what I need, I am at such a disadvantage to be able to give out at all. Time to scale back.

Fairy Deck Update

10 Oct

The Healing Fairy Alphabet deck is going to the printer next week. Ahhhhh! Just finishing up on the Description Cards and the last fussing on each card. I am a bit of a perfectionist, after all. Once to the printer, it should be a few weeks sent to all the Preorder customers! This is exciting! (With all this fairy energy, the deck is great for giving readings too. It is especially great for Christmas gifts.) Did you preorder your deck? Once they are printed, the price goes up. I will even throw in a little extra arty thing for you. Reserve yours HERE and join the excitement.

I’ve been sharing my process making the deck over on my new Instagram. Instagram is a little like Crack for Visual, Creative People. I am totally addicted. Almost as much as to Rice Thins. Okay, maybe not as much.

October is for Fairies

6 Oct



**Sign up for Fairy Classes that start October 17th, including new class, Nature and Fairy Communication.

To see catalog and sign up, go HERE. 

This Week’s Fairy Card

24 Sep

N is for Nest in High Places.

If you are pulled to this drawing, you are being asked to look at:  This card is the Graduation card. Congratulations! You have burst through old beliefs and limitations recently. It’s a new way of being. You can now fly to exotic places where you can dance with snakes!

REVERSE: You might be looking at your limitations this week and areas where you are using “in the box” vs. “out of the box” thinking.

Healing Fairy Alphabet deck available for pre-order here

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