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I need a dose of Nature

7 May



first roses up; made an essence of this rose last year


time to sit in the yard and groom it back to life


the garden centers out here in AZ all have flowers ready to plant


lots of green


first baby pinecones in process

Empath’s Energy Report

1 Feb

From an empath’s perspective, the energies are pretty wonky this week. Everyone is in transition now or in big change and then the weather is mirroring us. I just found out that the college I’ve worked for is having a huge 78% cutback in funding! So, we are seeing the biggest change in the money sector. I can hear groans from the audience.

Energy-wise I can feel excitement like the first- day-of-school kind. I can definitely feel big changes happening all around. And I feel the Guides/Angels creating more protection for each of us. I feel them pulling in closer to offer guidance, contrary to some folks I’ve heard saying they are pulling away to have us be more independent. I don’t get that at all.

I’m not feeling the bursts of anger or nastiness I felt before in the public. It feels more like surrender, which isn’t always a bad thing. The true miracles happen when that happens.

So, when there is no stability and ground to count on, what do you do?

I asked my Guides for suggestions and was reminded about the butterflies. If we are caterpillars, it looks like the world is going to end soon, and we feel stuck in our cocoons and dark, and squooshed in too tight. We can’t see past it.  But we are simply in the process right before we become butterflies and the world as we see it changes its form.

Maybe the world is morphing to fit our new forms. It doesn’t look pretty.  If you look at the decline or the falling apart, you are looking at the caterpillar’s crumbling cocoon, not the future beauty of the butterfly.

I like that. We are just morphing into something amazing.

Are you part fairy?

21 Jan

And now for something fun…


The signs you may be part fairy:

  • You have to have windows in your rooms. An office with no windows is like the kiss of death for you.
  • If you aren’t around some form of Nature, you get out-of-sorts, cranky, and shut down.
  • You love the colors of flowers and when you see them something inside of you wakes up.
  • You are attracted to animals and understand them.
  • You get pissed at people who throw garbage out car windows. Your anger seems larger than the situation.
  • You may have flying dreams.
  • You like things that are sparkly or silly.
  • There’s something about a box of crayons that is very inviting and makes you smile. You appreciate the child-like in others.
  • You may be attracted to natural healing.

Answered YES to most of these, You may be part fairy. You found the right place to hang out.


  • The Fairy Beginner Fairy Healing class featured in Fairy Online School
  • Flower Essences for the Sensitive
  • The Blue Tree teaching video
  • The Healing Fairy Alphabet calendar
  • Rocks and Trees class or Fairy Healing the Feminine class

Hey! Next fairy classes start often. Go to the CATALOG to see and sign up.


Baby Steps and New Year’s Goals

10 Jan

Being both creative and a sensitive means I am highly imaginative, maybe even a hint of dramatic, and I overwhelm easily.

As a sensitive empath, I can get overwhelmed psychically. I already take in so much information on a deep level every day. Too much chaos around me equals chaos inside of me. I easily take on a great deal that isn’t mine.*

As a creative, I always have 3000 ideas for projects running around in my head. That is a very cool thing if I was three people in one.

The big guidance I am getting is to create baby steps so I don’t overwhelm and freak myself out. Here’s an example.

It’s time to make big changes in my life health-wise. I am completely addicted to sugar to keep up my hummingbird-like energy. So, I see the mountain ahead of me. Since I like climbing mountains I start to plan. I will get rid of all sugar in the house. I will substitute with healthy alternatives. I won’t buy dessert at dinner at the restaurant. Yeah. Right. This will last for about 5 minutes before the panic sets in and I will finish that box of leftover Christmas cookies. I’ve just raised the bar so much that I won’t succeed.

It’s Monday and the new year so it’s time now to do all my business goals right now. I will start my whole way of doing things in a new way all today. In fact, this week I will manifest my new publisher and create the full proposal and finish my healing deck. I will be completely organized with my scheduling. I will create ten new doors to opportunity…

PANIC. Where’s the cookies?

Baby steps make more sense. Even if you realized you need a new job, new career, new anything, you will still get there one step after another. There is no reason to overwhelm, or put that much pressure on yourself unless you are one of those overachieving, motivating speakers who seem to have superpowers or a good supply of amphetamines. (I doubt highly these folks are empaths.) For sensitive and creative people who tend towards this behavior, remember that change needs to happen slowly and steadily. What we really fear is the drastic and that’s not what we want to create. We’ve had enough of that kind of change in the past year, why hurt ourselves?

As a child, I was always going against my own rhythms and following others’ that didn’t fit me. I may be more of the tortoise than the hare, but I get where I need to go. I love Nature because Winter isn’t rushed so there’s Spring. There’s time for everything. There’s steps.

What’s your next baby step?

*I’m completing my Tips for the Sensitive Ebook that provides all those juicy tools on how to balance out your sensitivity.

Empathic Energy report for Sensitives

10 Dec

This week’s energy report for Sensitives…it’s been a bit crazy energy. I understand there’s another Mercury Retrograde. Seems there is always one of these going on. Communication is a little kooky and lots of forgetfulness–you know the kind, you walk into the room and forget why you are there.

If you want to know what kind of energy is happening there, look to your animals. They are living barometers.

Floating around empathic-wise is lots of mixed feelings this holiday season. There’s grief for those who are missing, anxiety about money issues, and the usual crazy rushing around permeating the malls with an increase in folks shopping. This means more to pick up and feeling frantic and crazy when you hit the stores. It ain’t you.

Pressure is the word for this week. Try to realize it’s what is floating around and try to distant yourself from that.

Psychically, the veil is pretty thin, so, lots of Guides or Ghosts may be visiting. Friends report waking up in the middle of the night, freaky dreams, and deep messages from Guides who are way into our business right now. Just float with it if you can and welcome the good guidance.

Until next time…

Energy report:Freakin’ Weird energy

30 Sep

Well, the energies are weird. I don’t know if it is just me, since my own family is going through so much, but it does seem rampant among friends and acquaintances.

In dance class today, I walked into the room and my normally friendly group were closed down and cranky. One student looked at me and sighed, “I’m having a really bad day.” Oh, can relate!

Maybe it is the economy which seems rather stagnant, or the strong energies coming through doing clean sweeps through our lives. It’s an opportunity to heal rather big things that were never healed, pointing at this and that,  if we can withstand the pressure and have the courage. One common symptom–your mind can’t shut off! That’s because we are processing so much right now. There’s downloads of where we are supposed to be and more insights on what we need to truly heal. That’s a great deal of information! And the nasty people are getting nastier. If we continue to try to educate them and heal them, we will be down with the nasties, feeling what they feel, and that ain’t right. Say your peace from that higher place, and walk away!

Call on your Angels whether in human or cosmic forms, fellow lightseekers. Ask for the support. We need it right now.


28 Sep

We’ve had a crazy time with it lately with our special needs kid and our messed up PT cruiser.  But, I still wanted to squeeze in an IF submission. Please also note our new Color Healing with the Fairies for Creatives and Healers online class-sign-ups now forming. Healing artists take note!

map2For Pattern, I chose one of my favorite art pieces. It’s the Map of the Fairy world I use on my website and in online classes. It’s filled with patterns! It’s a distorted bird eye’s view of the healing, natural world. It started out as an experiment in gouache paint.

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