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If you are sensitive & creative, you will like my other blog…

whatblocksI write about being sensitive and creative and share my journey over on my new book’s website: Check out my posts over on my Idea Emporium book website. I just wrote about blocks to being creative. Go here.

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Creating Friday: Animating

No, this post isn’t about being sensitive or psychic stuff, it’s about my other self that is developing and has always been there. I let that part be shoo’ed away. So, today I share a little of what I’ve been creating. I am learning animation and a bitch of a program called Aftereffects. It’s created by a homicidal maniac who probably pulls pigtails on little girls, but is probably also a bloody genius. But I am finding once you start to learn the program, it actually does some seriously cool things. Plus, I feel great pride for tackling such craziness that I wanted to learn, but stumbled and avoided for over a year.

Here’s a drawing I am making for the next animation. It’s a a little story adventure.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 11.17.17 AM

Here’s my first animation experiment.

My tutor friend helped me with the ending credits for my videos. What do you think?

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 11.26.59 AM

I love Instagram. It’s such a fun place to share and there’s so much illustration eye candy over there. Are you on Instagram? Let’s follow each other. I am here.

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Little “Happy”s

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 10.52.37 AM


My word for the year, which I had mentioned in a previous post, is “happy.” And happiness is attained by collecting the little “happy”s, sometimes, in a box.



We knew how to collect little “happy”s when we were little children.



We collected what made us happy and smile, like that crayon of many colors, or Sock Monkey stickers. We keep this part of ourselves alive.



I found these vintage buttons awhile back and they made my heart sing. Maybe they remind me of the Forest.



The sun though stain glass, that makes me happy.



Whoever invented fancy tapes needs to win a medal.



Scouting through my desk drawers, I found this tiny stapler and a teeny, tiny box that holds staples. Soooo cute.

What goes in your Happy Box? Can you start one?


Excerpt from Wild Worlds Within class. New session in February; registration open. 

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In the Sandbox

Belonging to yourself…

I used to have a post that was Sketchbook Saturday, because I draw like crazy on Saturdays. That’s probably why I love Saturdays so much. I’ve been feeling lately like my blog has lost its way a bit and has had less of me in it. And it dawned on my when I woke up this morning, “Hello! It’s YOUR blog!” So I am reclaiming it. And I want to play. And share. And invite you into my giant sandbox. Most of my stuff in my sketchbook has a purpose because I collect little pieces here and there for fun ways to teach. They make their way into books or classes, most the time. And hopefully, I will inspire you to make your own drawings.


the plight of the sensitive tummy


magical forest: what kind of seeds would each tree make?


fairy cupcakes made from magic

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Sketchbook Saturday on a Monday

sketchbook saturdayI know. I used to have Sketchbook Saturday, but I switched the dates. A gal can change her mind. I’ve been drawing on Saturday, but posting on Monday now. Here’s what I’ve been working on.

heal copy


weekend frame of mind



for the Healing Fairy Alphabet deck. Can you guess which letter?


playing with new color pencil set from Target