SPEAK WOOF & MEOW workbook

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Price: $15.99

Product details: Available in paperback form and Kindle. 7″ x 10″ 108 pages, black and white interior.

Workbook part of the Fairy Online School series.


Product description:

In this first workbook in the Fairy Online School series, you will learn from a professional animal communicator and teacher how to better understand your animals by learning how to communicate with them using your intuitive “superpowers.” You will also be able to easily identify communication you are already picking up. Animal communication can help with problem behaviors, communicating to your veterinarian how your animal feels and needs, and as a way to deepen your relationship. Have fun while you learn: this easy class in a book includes creative exercises, insider tips, practice homework, and lots of spaces for your drawings and notes. It’s filled with entertaining stories and charming drawings that your animal parent soul will love.

Option to use the book as a workbook and work directly with Ronni in a mentorship or private lessons. 

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