Who is Designing Fairy?

Ronni Ann Hall, a.k.a. Designing Fairy

 It started with a notebook and a Happy Face bag

When I was about ten years old I couldn’t say my “th’s.” It came out as a strong “f.” What should have been an embarrassing experience became my destiny. My Speech teacher gave me a black and white composition book she filled up with stickers, images, and exercises that made learning a fun adventure. My speech improved, probably with the arrival of braces to correct my protruding two front teeth, but I am sure that class helped.

I was already a young storyteller who wrote plays and storybooks about talking animals, and with the arrival of a beloved gift of a Happy Face plastic bag filled with unusual drawing tools (there was a pen that looked like a lollipop), I became an artist. I was obviously strongly influenced by Aesop’s Fables, the book my Mom would read to me for bedtime stories, because I still believe that you can teach best through a story.

Being sensitive

As for being a sensitive, I’ve been one my whole life although I didn’t have a name for it. I had a sensitive stomach that reacted to everything, would have spirit visits in my room when I was a child (they gathered around my bed which could be scary), and often embarrassed my parents when I would announce out loud what everyone was feeling. Like most sensitives, I ended up numbing over most of my empathic ability and shutting up by the time I was in school.  I turned my attention to training as a professional graphic artist (Bachelor’s of Arts and Associates of Arts in Art and Design) and blocked out the psychic world and that part of me.

It was the death of my mom to cancer in 1995, and then our precious beagle mix and first dogter, Emily, that opened my sensitive world back up dramatically. I had visions of my mom after her death, and then could hear Emily so clearly that I was led in desperation to animal communicator and later mentor, Teresa Wagner, who let me know that I was not going crazy, but that I had abilities as an animal and spirit empath.

After my training, I opened my animal communication practice in 1999, Dogbunny Animal Talk, (since renamed to Designing Fairy.) I later expanded my practice to include serving people as a teacher/support for other sensitive people. I received clairvoyant training with Debra Katz, my certification in mediumship through Charles Virtue and Tina Daly to understand those abilities, certification as a Reiki Master Teacher through Hanah Haven, and then moved into extensive research into working with flower essences and healing with Nature. Throughout the years, my work as an intuitive has been mentioned or written about in magazines, newspapers, radio, and books, and I was even the host and star of a television pilot on animal afterdeath communication, Animalinks, shot in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. I’ve taught workshops, 4H classes, animal rescues, children, and college classes on the subject and on art and storytelling.

Teaching and Storytelling

The last few years it’s all come back around to include all that I love and who I am. I compiled all my stories to help other sensitives in my HELP! I’M SENSITIVE book, which has been read many sensitives far and wide eager to know they weren’t alone. I created my illustrated and popular Fairy Online School of Psychic Communication and Fairy Healing, which now has an International following and over fifteen courses. After Graduate School work (Full Sail University) in Education Design and Technology, I’ve created a spin-off of my school with little teaching videos, Designing Fairy Cinema, so I could teach innovatively through illustrated story. And most recently, I self-published my Healing Fairy Alphabet deck, incorporating intuition with the healing influence of Nature. I’ve expanded to creating more and more teaching with fun products over in my studio.


Publishing Credits

My essays can be found in magazines. Here are a few listed of recent ones:

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  • Birth of a Heart Project (Somerset Studio Magazine, March/April 2015)
  • Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck (Designing Fairy, 2014)
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  • Speak Woof and Meow workbook (Designing Fairy/Creatspace, 2013)
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  • The Importance of Listening to Your Animal (Dogs Naturally Magazine, September 2011)
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  • Help! I’m Sensitive eBook & Book (Amazon Kindle, 2011, and Createspace 2012)
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  • Catching a Bad Mood When You Are Sensitive (E-zine Articles Expert Author, July 2011)
  • Perfect Flower Essences for the Sensitive (E-zine Articles Expert Author, July 2011)
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  • Cooking Art by MaryAnn Kohl and Jean Potter (Gryphon House, Inc., 1997); 75+ Illustrations.
  • Boy’s Quest and Hopscotch for Girls magazines (ongoing illustrations, 1995-8)
  • Self-published and worked with the local pet community to compile, design, and write popular Pet Services Area Directory. (1995-8)
  • Designed, illustrated and wrote sayings for custom pet portraits for national pet owners and pet greeting card line, Ronnicards, and distributed through a mail order catalog. (1990-6)
  • Wolf Clan magazine (illustrations), 1992
  • Suburban Parent magazine (illustration), 1989

My hope for you

It is my hope that I bring that love of teaching with fun I felt as a child to you, and that my classes and products help you nurture, feed and embrace your intuitive, creative, sensitive self.

If you want to know if you are a sensitive or an empath, take the AM I SENSITIVE QUIZ.

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