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Morgine Jurdan: Letting Go of Our Animal Friends

17 Sep

Today I welcome Morgine, who quite appropriately, and interesting timing for myself and others, discusses letting go of and losing our animal companions. Here is her story. morgine

Everyone who has ever had an animal friend, is eventually faced with their passing into spirit and few people are very prepared for this event. They are often overcome with grief, sadness, worry and are not capable of making clear, loving decisions from a place of love and peace. I would like to provide some guidelines to help make this a more gentle process.

Morgine’s Suggestions:

  • Instead of waiting until your animal friend is ready to pass, begin Celebrating Your Friend Now, today, at whatever stage they might be at. Find a stack of colorful paper or an unused lined notebook around your home, or perhaps a new Journal or photo album at your local Goodwill. There are also many online sites where you can create an account to make a digital photo album to print out. I love because they allow me to create a website of all the books I print for my family so I can share them with friends for free!
  •  If you have a camera, or one on your phone, take a couple photos now and then, with and without people in them! If you have children, ask them to draw some pictures and add them to your book. Decorate pages with colored pencils, stickers, and other things. Take five minutes and think of many of the ways this cat, dog, bird has added to your life? How are you different because of their presence? What has he or she taught you? Jot down some notes. Keep it out on a table so you can add to it every week or so! Today you could record their barks and purrs or chirps and take a video or two! Please don’t wait until  later.
  • Spend at least two or three minutes every day, thanking this Precious Being (or Beings), for being in your life! Tell them how much you love them, even though they might create a challenge or two now and then. They give so much more than they ever take! Then you will not doubt they know how much they were loved!

Animals focus on whatever brings them the most joy and happiness. If they are ill, they put that on the back burner, so to speak. They have no concept of illness or disease or anything really being “wrong” from their “animal point of view”. They will honestly share any pain or discomfort with me, however, they do not label it as bad or wrong. To an animal, it is merely something physical happening in their body and not something to fear.

Most animals have no fear of death. In fact, they most often sense it as only a “new beginning.” They are going to have an opportunity to have a new body and a new life and a another new adventure! What most often makes them “seem sad,” is our own fears, worries and concerns which surround them daily when they  are seriously ill, stop eating, or seem to be in pain. They are not humans and too often people “humanize” their thinking. They do not understand our sudden concern and increased sadness and stress. So they, in return, begin to worry about us!!

They may have thoughts like: “What is wrong? Why are you so sad? Why am I not able to make you smile anymore?” Their increased stress, can lower their immune systems as stress does in human bodies too. This stress does not help them to get better or pass with great ease. It only serves to confuse them, if we are not clear about sharing our feelings with them.

Naturally it can be difficult to let go of our beloved animal friends and yet, we know we all must do this at some time in our lives and theirs. Most people ask me what they can do to ease this process for their animal friend. The first thing you can do is give them “permission to leave”. “Duke you have been the most amazing, wonderful, loving dog. I am crying because I will miss petting your body and having you in my life. I love you. And I give you permission to leave whenever the time comes and you need to go into spirit. I may be sad and it is OK to leave your physical body when you need to leave.”  Something like that.

The other greatest concern is whether the animal desires assistance in passing or wants to go on their own. Each case is unique. Many animals have no problems going on their own. They do not experience a great deal of pain or struggle, again from “their point of view.” What might appear to be struggle from our human perspective, is often not really painful to them.

I had a dog who eventually could no longer walk at all, having had curved legs when I adopted him many years before. He told me he was leaving and did not eat or drink for ten days. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life to be with him as he peacefully experienced each day, with less and less movement and left with grace the only time I was gone for a short time.

You can check in yourself. Get as quiet as you can possibly be, away from others, the television or other distractions. Take several long deep breaths, imagining you are breathing in and out from your heart. Then ask Spirit for a “heart to heart connection” with your animal friend. Imagine a gold chord from your heart to theirs. Just feel love going back and forth for a couple minutes. Then tell the dog or cat you can allow them to go on their own, or you could ask a vet to give them a simple shot to relax them and then another to release them from their body. Wait a moment or two. Then ask, would you like to go on your own? Wait and see how you FEEL… peace or not?  Ask then if they would like assistance and wait. Do you feel peace or not?  If you feel confusion, then you are up in your head. The heart gives us clear answers.

Remember animals love us without conditions. If we are not hearing correctly, they forgive us. They do not carry grudges, resentments or anger like humans do. That is one reason we feel their loss so deeply. Few humans love us as deeply as our animal friends do.

If you take time to love your animal now, connect with them daily, appreciate their presence in your life, then when it does come time to pass, you will be better prepared to let go. You might be better able to tell what they need most of you and if in doubt, ask for help.

About Morgine Jurdan:

Morgine Jurdan has been professionally communicating with animals with love for almost two decades from her home in WA state near Mt. St. Helens.  She helps with all kinds of problems and her specialties are coaching with lost animals and assisting people at the end of their animals lives and communications with those in spirit.

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