The Top 10 Things That Happen to a Sensitive When She Moves

I just finished a HUGE move from quiet to noisy, to alone to full, to hot to cold. As a sensitive, I keep adjusting and trying to remind myself to take it slow and have awareness my sensitive system is different then most. It is frustrating because I want to just zoom ahead, but my body is talking. Here is what I am learning — my Top 10.

  1. It takes longer for me to adjust to EVERYTHING regarding sounds, senses, feelings. I need to remind myself that it takes longer. My environment is different than my space I had for five years and it is a big change.
  2. I still overload with lots of people if I don’t practice self-care. It is a challenge because I am outgoing and want to socialize most the time, but my sensitive system NEEDS downtime and PROCESS time. When I find myself screaming “Why is there so many people!” it is pretty much a clear indication I need a time-out. I am afraid those around me won’t understand why I keep disappearing, but I might just need to educate them.
  3. I can’t find things half the time from the move, and that adds to my frustration. I like to have order in my own space to keep the order inside me. I am one of those folks that expect the boxes to all be unpacked in a week. I need to lower my expectations for one thing.
  4. By changing one big thing, it has a ripple effect. The rest of my life wants change across the board. I just need to listen more intently to that “small, still voice” that is talking to me. I feel that voice wants me to be truer to myself and include me in the equation of giving what I need to myself vs. so much out.
  5. The sounds are different. That affects me more than I know. (Although I do love the sounds of the crows.)
  6. I love the people around me now but I still need that quiet process time or I get seriously BITCHY. I need to see that as a warning sound. The FOREST is in my backyard. I need to spend more time there.
  7. It helps to have my “things” around me — that special mug, that marker set, that squishy pillow. That makes a world of difference in my space.
  8. I have a hard time navigating the streets and the traffic. I lived in such a rural area with NO TRAFFIC AT ALL, I need to give myself time to adjust. I am used to the mean streets of Jersey, but that was a long time ago when I drove there.
  9. I must resist the urge to live in Barnes and Noble. Just because it is nearby does not mean I need to go there every day. I think. Kinda. Well, maybe I can declare it an office space.
  10. My lifetime lesson of learning boundaries is being put into place. The greatest gift I can give myself and others is declaring those boundaries when I need them the most. That is unapologetically stating when I need time and space alone, and declaring my space hands-off and private.

How about you? What helps you in a big move or great transitions?

Until next time,

Fairy blessings, Dear Ones,