Selling a Fairy in a Bottle: Classes Start Friday



Selling fairies in bottles! Okay, maybe more like liberating the fairies from bottles by offering fun fairy classes. The more folks know about healing with Nature and other cool fairy stuff, the more they feel freer and funner (is that a word?) The Flower Essences class starts Friday, where you learn how to heal and mad scientist experiment making flower essences safely and easily. And the popular Fairy Healing Secrets class is also offered, both part of the Fairy Healer Certification.

There’s also classes for Sensitive folk including the Empath Skills class, which helps you tame your empathic gifts.

And the Tell Your Story class, popular with the creative folk, starts a new session Friday. Doodle, shoot, collage your way to what your inner voice is trying to tell you. This will be the last time I will be offering this online class.

After the April start date, it’s the Summer Schedule with core classes offered on a Self-Serve basis starting any Friday, so I can go sit on a beach somewhere and contemplate my navel while getting some needed rest (more then likely I will be creating, because that is what I do).

So head on over to the CATALOG and sign up and join the fun, as well as, free some fairies.