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Creating Friday: Animating

No, this post isn’t about being sensitive or psychic stuff, it’s about my other self that is developing and has always been there. I let that part be shoo’ed away. So, today I share a little of what I’ve been creating. I am learning animation and a bitch of a program called Aftereffects. It’s created by a homicidal maniac who probably pulls pigtails on little girls, but is probably also a bloody genius. But I am finding once you start to learn the program, it actually does some seriously cool things. Plus, I feel great pride for tackling such craziness that I wanted to learn, but stumbled and avoided for over a year.

Here’s a drawing I am making for the next animation. It’s a a little story adventure.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 11.17.17 AM

Here’s my first animation experiment.

My tutor friend helped me with the ending credits for my videos. What do you think?

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 11.26.59 AM

I love Instagram. It’s such a fun place to share and there’s so much illustration eye candy over there. Are you on Instagram? Let’s follow each other. I am here.



I'm Ronni, a designing fairy living among the humans. I'm a writer, illustrator, and inventor who loves to share what I've learned to help others in a fun way, whether it's my Help! I'm Sensitive series for the empaths, Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck for the part fairies, or the Idea Emporium for budding designers, I hope my creations help make life more fun and easier while still providing needed tools. I live in a treehouse with my elf partner, giant ooh-yellow dog, a floppy bloodhound, and three step-fairies.

2 thoughts on “Creating Friday: Animating

  1. Ronni, congratulations on your work in animation! I think it’s a big deal that you are working on something that you avoided for over a year. I really like your first effort, too! Your ending credits are fun — all in all, a fine achievement! I hope you are able to keep at it.

    And I’m sorry the software was designed by a homicidal maniac. I’ve been programming for 40 years now and have met my share of homicidal maniac software people. It’s not so much that they’re homicidal — it’s more like sociopathic. No one else exists in their world, and so it never occurs to them that anyone would have trouble following their code. Plus, sometimes they’re not even a sociopath — just someone who never thinks outside the box — in this case, they are not putting themselves in the user’s shoes even for a second. Out of all the programmers I’ve known over the years, very few were actually evil.

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