I’ve Really Made It and Spammy Yuck

I let my old website domain go a long time ago. It had my name and since I was in a time of transition, I thought it was one of those things that I could easily let go of. The domain name was bought out by a Japanese company, so when you went to the website, there were some of my old posts mixed in with japanese writing. It was a bit of a hoot to visit.

It then went dormant for awhile. I love how I am always guided to see what I need to. I clicked on the website yesterday, ronniannhall.com, and found something spammy yuck. It was one of those fake websites/nonsense going around like the latest virus. Here on wordpress, in the past few months, I have had a slew of fake followers making fake wordpress websites. I also have ten new email followers that probably only exist in third world countries or in some spammy world on another planet. It’s creepy and empathically feels like cobwebs stuck to my business. The page I found was really icky. There’s my name on top, but dumb butts, my first and second name are squooshed together as one name, and here’s the part that pisses me off BIG, it says it is the home of “the famous on-line Fairy School.”

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 8.53.51 AM

I’ve really made it! I didn’t know that my school was that famous, so how cool is that. I didn’t know I was in two places at once, or that I knew anything at all about Numerology. Who would have thought? I kidded yesterday on Facebook that I needed a clone. Is this my clone’s attempt at website building? Well, this clone has no design skills so I am a little worried. Much, much worse, the post writing is just awful. Perhaps this is clone world where I have no style and hate writing. I hope I least can cook there. Oh great, just had flashes of the movie, Single White Female.

It’s sad that today we can attract positive/wonderful/light things when we feel really good, but then we can also attract icky, spammy, spider web-y things that like light. It’s sadder that folks feel the need to jump on that which is doing well and can’t use their own creativity or talents to create something that will reflect them. It’s sad that there are folks out there creating fake websites at all and fake following for weird, icky purposes. Then I imagine what it must be like to be them, and it doesn’t feel pretty. It doesn’t feel good at all. I would imagine that the rest of their world is not working either.

Basically, that’s not my site, but it is flattering in an odd way, and it’s reassuring that I am on the right track, because these kind of things only happen when I am beginning to expand. Nonetheless, they will receive a letter from me. If I could teach them anything, I would encourage them to find their own identity and space in the world. Isn’t that why we are here? Otherwise, it’s a little like cheating and using someone else’s homework. You don’t learn anything.