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Almost Forgot My “It’s My Birthday What I’ve Learned List”


Each year on my blog I try to write my year-end “what I learned list.” It’s a creative wrap-up, I guess, since I see birthdays as the beginning of a new year. 2014 was the year of breaking out of my tightly-knit cocoon and joining the world again. There were many losses–a nod to Bun-Bun and Speedy–and loss of some friends and connections, so there was sadness, but there was also many joys.

Here’s my list of what I learned in 2014:

1. It’s okay to trust and reveal your heart, but be mindful who you share it with. Not everyone is up for that precious responsibility. Flattery and lovely words mean nothing, if you aren’t willing to be there when it really matters.

2. True friends will remind you who you are when you forget. 😉

3. Sometimes it really isn’t about you. In fact, most the time it’s other people’s stuff. We see each other through our own lenses and wounds.

4. Stay open. The world may be harsh nowadays, but it needs feeling people with open hearts.

5. Don’t stay in situations where you have to keep trying to be seen. Giving more doesn’t solve the problem. Giving where it is unappreciated really sucks and you will question the worth of what you are giving.

6. Good boundaries. 2014 was all about creating better, stronger boundaries.

7. If you eat too many Rice Thins, you will get wired.

8. If life gets too hard, there is always the Forest to run to.

9. You can’t walk in another’s path. It won’t work. You will be pleasing another, but you will be miserable.

10. You don’t have to do it all alone. Ask for help. And if you ask for help and you are shamed for asking, slowly walk away from that source.

11. Some very lucid dreams are real. Yup, we can connect to some in dreams. Even wilder when you are both aware of this, on some level, and the dreams are pretty exciting.

12. Alone time is crucial. Sensitive folks need time to process our experiences.

13. Sharing on Instagram is quite fun; a little like artist’s crack.

14. Dogs rock. Seriously. They are so cool on so many levels.

15. Always pursue your dreams. They are planted there for a reason.

16. Even though you know souls live on and you feel them, you still miss them like crazy and it hurts.

17. I am over-responsible and over-cautious because I am not always sure God has my back, and when Speedy crossed over, it brought that up.

18. Telepathy with each other is increasing…greatly.

19. The most sensual place in the world is the Forest. It is filled with sounds, feelings, and sights that feed you. If you are a sensual person, you will really benefit going there.

20. I can finally get rid of the “not enoughs.” It’s total bull shit. 🙂

What’s on your list? Did you learn a lot? Relate to any of these? Hopefully, the big one, #20.

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I'm Ronni, a designing fairy living among the humans. I'm a writer, illustrator, and inventor who loves to share what I've learned to help others in a fun way, whether it's my Help! I'm Sensitive series for the empaths, Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck for the part fairies, or the Idea Emporium for budding designers, I hope my creations help make life more fun and easier while still providing needed tools. I live in a treehouse with my elf partner, giant ooh-yellow dog, a floppy bloodhound, and three step-fairies.

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