This Week’s Card is N is for Nest in High Places


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Christmas Cards.

Christmas Shopping.

Crazy Cooking.

Visits. Errands. Parties. Parades.

Work-related duties. Home-related duties.

Christmas music blaring.

This is the time of year of OVERLOAD of activity and information. The N is for Nest in High Places card can represent limitations and recognizing your limits, which is the word of the week.

It’s okay to have limits. Being a Capricorn and a bit of a workaholic, I have never been good at recognizing limits. I found this out the other day when I was very irritable and weepy, and headachy. It didn’t even occur to me that I was just plain tired and needed to rest. How awful to not even recognize what being tired felt like.

Being sensitive I need to be able to recognize my limits. You can push and push me, but the only result will be meltdown or overload and then I will freeze up and get nothing done.

I read a great article years ago, I think in Oprah magazine, about a woman dealing with overload asking for help from the resident coach. She was definitely wired sensitive and she came from a very successful, extroverted family. The coach suggested she choose three things that day to focus and accomplish. That’s it. Doable. The woman tried it and actually felt a sense of achievement and flow. She felt competent rather then always falling behind. How cool is that?

How can you this week focus on a few things a day to accomplish and recognize and honor your limits. For goodness sake, you aren’t Superman or Woman! (Unless there is a cape somewhere stashed away.)


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  1. Well said,
    Focus on few things is best way to stay balanced.
    I use a method. I write down on a agenda the things I am going to do
    Also routine matters. Not particular order, and I add some few not routine actions. If i can not do one or two because. I am tired or overloaded . I write them on next day and not blame myself for undoing them. And along the day week month I do them, too. I leave a little space for sudden priorities, but I know that they are just suddenly so not every day could happen.
    And when my head start thinking Ia have to do this I have to do that I say to myself stop. A moment and relax.

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