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This week’s Healing Fairy Alphabet cards: Rest and Boundaries

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I picked theme cards for the week from my Healing Fairy Alphabet deck. (Pretty surreal experience picking cards from your own deck). O is for Outside In. This is the card that indicates poor or good boundaries. It’s a reminder to help yourself feel safe by stating good boundaries and recognizing where you need them.

The C is for Cocoon card is all about rest or things/ideas/plans percolating in the cocoon before they are brought out into the world. It may even be a time where you feel nothing is happening in the outside world in regards to your plans, but much is going on underneath the surface.

The two cards together may indicate a battle between rest and boundaries. Look at the cards through your own intuition and life. The meaning and message will pop out at you.

Have fun this week. Looks like it will be an interesting one!

Fairy blessings,



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