Weird Ass Energy Alert


Have you noticed the last few weeks energy has been kinda wacky? For the empathic person, this has been a crazy time.  Perhaps it’s the dreaded Mercury Retrograde, which has been talked about often in local new agey circles. It could be the overall malaise from the country battling things like weird ass fears (Ebola), unexpected losses (Robin Williams), and news of terrorists cutting off heads and being brutal, magnified by the wild moon action (red eclipse). Energy-wise to the sensitive, the energy feels choppy, bumpy and well, weird. Manifesting seems like a struggle and uphill battle, and our usual guidance might even be quiet (I hate those times of feeling disconnected). How do you get through it? I have noticed many colleagues and friends avoiding Facebook and the News, which, especially has been a big downer. Taking plenty of time out to touch base with Nature or be alone to regroup is also helpful. And telling yourself, this too will pass, is a good reminder. Hang on Sensitive! With any energy build-up, there needs to be a release.



  1. YES! Thanks for this, thought it was just my perception. Again thanks for the verification on this and again, right on time!

  2. Thank goodness it isn’t just me. For about the lastonth and a half I have just felt “off”, exhausted, foggy, disconnected, then at other times have horrible anxiety for no apparent reason. I’ve noticed my coworkers have been a little more edgy as well but not nearly as much as I am(that I know of). I’ve been greatly enjoying some cooler evenings off and on here in sunny Florida and trying to stand outside when it is breezy or windy. The wind seems to help. Almost like it’s blowing the ” stink” off of me. Lol

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