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9 Oct

My favorite thing to do here at The Designing Fairy is make things. And I like to make things that teach and help people, whether it’s my deck, or a book, or an online class! I’d love your feedback on what I should create and offer next for the November session! This is for Sensitive readers.

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  1. Crystalyn October 10, 2014 at 11:01 am #

    I’ve primarily come to your site in hopes of finding candid discussions, experiences, and some folks to help manage this gift. I’ve always known I was different and very sensitive. Now I have a name for what I am, although I don’t feel it quite encompasses what I feel I am capable of and what all I feel. I tried to read what was supposed to be a complete guide to bring an empathy but it was written so harshly that it almost sounded like a legal document. I enjoy things that are more personal. I also don’t want to learn to turn off my gift! Everything tells you how to turn it off! I want to learn how to prevent it from making me “meltdown” on occasion, how to protect myself from becoming I’ll and exhausted from the overload. I was given this gift to help me and to bring light to people’s lives by being instantly closer to them than most people are. I don’t think turning it off is the answer. I guess I’m asking for candid blogs on what others are experiencing and “tricks” they have found….and of course you personal advice…. On how to grow into this gift and not let it overtake me. I feel like I’m constantly tired or have some sort of ailment.

    • designingfairy October 10, 2014 at 4:39 pm #

      Thanks Crystalyn. I love your feedback. I agree. We aren’t supposed to shut it off. I don’t think we are supposed to! Any time I have ever tried to, I have gotten ill. I also have a group on Facebook you might like, Being Sensitive. We share with others who are sensitive.

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