Are empaths affected by the moon?

It’s Lunar Eclipse time! Has me wondering again, how does all this moon madness affects us empaths? A reblog from April, but a good one. Interesting how this time around, the moon energies out there feel like they are pushing a ton of stuff up to heal and deal. What is your experience?

Help! I'm Sensitive! series



Today’s word is FUSSY. My clothes feel constricting, lights are too bright, and things can’t be fast enough today.

As empaths and sensitives, we know we are very affected by the energies surrounding us. We know when the air is too cold, or someone’s mood has just hit fiery before he realizes it, or when the overall mood theme for the day on Facebook is FRANTIC. Like little caterpillars we feel out the environment with our exposed feelers.

So if we have a full moon happening, and especially a lunar eclipse, do we feel the effects of that energy?

Years and years ago, there was a lunar eclipse followed by a solar eclipse, and my body went haywire. I was releasing a ton and have all kinds of weird symptoms, but was it the planetary action or what I was experiencing in my life at the time?

As women, our…

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