If you need a good cry…

I am one that will hold on tight to my emotions in order to stay in strength, but sometimes, I need some releasing of the dam to maintain balance or mine erupts. Because I’m not a crier easily, I need to jump-start the process. Perhaps, you are the same. Here are my top Crying Resources to allow me to have a good cry, release, and be back in balance. Drum roll please.

Top 5 Crying-starting Resources:

  1. Watch the finales of any competition reality show. I just watched Robert win Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge (spoiler alert) and the tears flowed in happiness for the guy. It’s wonderful watching someone’s hard work pay off and dream come true. This is a good cathartic cry that is unchallenging and doesn’t push too many buttons. 
  2. Watch more television. Last night I watched a marathon of Pretty Little Liars and witnessed the usually perfectly-attired and made-up actresses fall apart by wearing mis-matched clothing and minimal makeup while their sanity and lives fell apart. I cried along with them in unison but this cry brought up pass pain to release, and should be monitored to avoid going down roads that are unhelpful and unnecessary to the therapeutic process.
  3. I read an article today in the Facebook Feed about a local puppy that is in the hospital after being thrown from a car window. This was an ugly, torturous cry. I felt so deeply for this baby and anger for those who hurt it, and a deep sadness for the state of humanity. This is a tough cry that should only be tackled on courageous days you can handle it, otherwise, to be avoided. 
  4. Sappy feel-good movies such as Field of Dreams are perfect for feeling better about life in general and experiencing a really healthy cry. Best antidote after reading Facebook feed puppy stories. Look for movies that you know will end happy. We don’t want surprise twist endings here. AVOID movies like the current one in the theaters where everyone is dying. The Titantic is about a sinking ship. You know that one won’t fare well. Use your common sense here.
  5. There are good spontaneous cries when someone gives you a hug when you need it, or says something so perfect that you feel seen and validated. These cries can’t be arranged, but fall under really good release cries. Increase these any time you can.

Well, there’s my recommendations. What’s yours? Or, are you the type of crier who needs no help?



  1. I’m getting better at crying when warranted–I’ll probably get the hang of it just in time to pass out of this body. Growing up, crying brought punishment–then you still weren’t allowed to cry. I find that FES pine flower essence helps. Also, I do cry quite frequnetly at the sight or sound of beauty–my other epressions of feeling overwhelm me and all I can do is cry. A recent trip to NE Alabama filled my eyes to overbrimming with the beauty present. Nonna

  2. I sense the energies from TV shows so easily that I sometimes cry like a baby, in situations like when Susan Boyle sings and so on…. Animals do the trick also pretty often: the last wish of the street dog-video I saw recently was such a big heart opener that I was like a screaming Niagara –http://youtu.be/ZjuwgDElZb8. Well, crying IS good. It is very healing. Spontaneous moments usually come your way naturally, if you haven’t cried for a while. When I was young I went on for years without crying – I was so numb inside – and it was not a good thing… When I finally got over it, it hurt physically like hell. We need to cry. But we need to laugh, too. Sometimes it is very refreshing to do them at the same time!! They are spookily close to each other.These days any strong sensation might make me laugh – or cry. It is quite puzzling, though, when I begin to LOL, instead of crying, when I hit my toe to a chair really hard. o_O These current energies make me nuts, I guess.

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