Sensitive INFJ?


I’ve been fascinated by the Myers Briggs system of classifying different personality types ever since I found out my type. I had finally found a fun free (most cost money) quiz to validate my type and had posted it to my FB personal page. Not surprisingly, many of my friends were a variation or close to my type! Which got me thinking…are many sensitive, empathic folks INFJs? (Or a very close variation?)

My research scientist mind went into overload.

I had posted that I wondered if Capricorns are all INFJs. But my friend and astrologer Jennifer Shelton had posted replied that most Cappys are Ts not Fs. I’m guessing because many of us are very logical/analytical and in our heads. She explained that there must be some other planet in my chart that made me an F. (Yup, Cancer rising, which according to Jennifer, are Fs.)

I decided to instead focus on learning about my code, rather then try to figure out this sensitive vs. INFJ puzzle.

I was delighted to find on the net several blogs and sites you might be interested in if you are an INFJ, like myself.

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– Jennifer Soldner gives a thorough analysis on being an INFJ that is very helpful, and accepting. Check it out here. She tells us to embrace who we are by reading more about the type.

– I’ve discovered we are only 1% of the population! No wonder we can feel like aliens from another planet. 😉 Here’s a Portrait of an INFJ. Reading these sites, I’m learning more about myself that I had even known. I totally agree about INFJs being highly intuitive and “just knowing” things we can’t explain.

– According to Oddly Developed Types website, INFJs tend to be idealistic (yup), and be the “artsy types.”

Reading these websites, I’m finding these descriptions pretty accurate and do seem to describe many of my students and readers of my blog. Perhaps reading the INFJ descriptions on these pages would help others who are not like-minded to really understand us better.

And finally, a little scoping through the personality types, I found there’s Careers for INFJ Personality Types, which not surprisingly, include teaching/education and the creative arts, which many of us are drawn to. (Which also matches that we are the “artsy types.”) It does makes sense then, that if we are the highly intuitive ones who are drawn to the arts, then many of us are sensitive, being that many artists and intuitives are wired highly sensitive.

So, what about you? Does this hold true? Are you a sensitive and an INFJ or variation?



  1. Thanks for posting this, Ronni! The first time I took the Myers-Briggs I was an ISTJ with extreme scores on the “I” and the “J”. I took it several years later and I was still an ISTJ but had mellowed out a little on the “I” and “J”. I am a little artsy — I love and respond to art but I have to put a lot of myself aside in order to do creative work. Also, I have found that some of my poetry which I think is very accessible is *not* accessible. It is crystal clear to me but not to others. My visual art efforts are more accessible but are more difficult for me to produce.

    1. Hmmm…interesting, Susan. And I know you are a sensitive. I want to encourage you to be more “artsy” regardless if it’s accessible or not to others. 🙂

  2. Hey Ronni Ann,

    I just did the quiz and guess what INFJ!! I wonder how many of us drawn to your site and your training are INFJ’s!!

    I will check out your information!!


  3. I also just recently discovered this concept and I am INFJ too, From how I understood it if you are introverted most likely you’ll be classified as INFJ so I’m not really surprised with my results. What I like about this is it gives a detailed description about the personality trait. I always love taking a personality test because I get to know more about my strengths and weaknesses then also tells me which fields I’ll be good at.

    Tavia Cruz

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