What’s your experience with Beauty?

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The teacher is taking classes.

I’m enrolled in a great class on Skillshare: Julia Pott’s Developing Narrative class. I’m knee-deep in week 2 and my assignment is to ask friends (and perhaps, students) on their experiences regarding my film’s theme.

What are your experiences with Beauty? Were there times in your life that you felt drained of light/juice/mojo/life? And how or what was the process of refilling back up? What brought you back to life? Why were you drained or lost your light? It could have been from a time period in your life, or an incident that happened, or just a memory you had (like being picked last in gym class, or your Mom told you in a quick remark you were too tall) .

I’d love to hear from you. You can comment below or use the contact form for privacy. I might use a piece of your experience symbolically in the visuals, but won’t retell your story or mention you for anonymity.


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  1. I remember when I was 5 walking around the house with this image in my head of what my face looked like. It was a very attractive face with a squared jaw . And I did not look in the mirror for days and days and just this image in my head of what my face looked like. And then one day I decided to look and I remember this intense feeling of disapointment in my belly when I looked and saw that he face in the mirror was not the one in my head but the one that I have.

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