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TOOL: Music Diet for the Holiday Season

It’s super easy to get thrown off your individual “radio channel” this holiday season. The stores are filled with crazy people in irritable moods. There’s a ton to pick up if you are sensitive around this time of year. Best and quickest way to get back to yourself? MUSIC! Now, the right music is different for everyone. But I found the following selections instantly put me back into a happy, up space to clear away the slime and grime, and I can hear myself again. Enjoy!

Holiday Menu:

This one will make even holiday music tolerable (for those who have had enough from the stores):

Celtic Woman: I was lucky enough to see them in person. Angelic:

Local Anthony Mazzella has some pretty amazing music:

And finally, Sarah McLachlan and Josh Groban. Bring out the hankies.

What’s your recommendations?



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