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Janet Roper: What’s Near and Dear To Me About Animal Communication

janetI received an email from Ronni asking if I would be interested in doing a guest blog post about what’s near and dear to me about animal communication.

But of course! I am not one to pass up an opportunity to speak about animal communication!

Like so many others who work with and around animals, I was led to animal communication by my dog Teddy. Long story short: I adopted him, he peed and pooped in the house, we worked with his vet and a trainer without the issue being resolved. I was sitting in front of the fire place one day when an ad for ‘animal communicator’ fell into my lap. Out of desperation (as so many of my clients call me!) I set up an appointment with the communicator and the rest is history.

What I love about being an animal communicator…

I love how animal communication deepens the bond between domesticated animals and their humans. The teacher in me delights in seeing when the human realizes they CAN connect with their animal pals in a deeper, more profound way. It’s amazing to watch the lightbulb go on when folks connect for the first time with their animals in an intuitive way.

I love how animal communication is a venue where people realize not only can they connection with domesticated animals, but the animals in the wild ‘get it’ too and are more than happy to have a conversation with humans.

I love how animal communication opens the doors for people to realize that animals have lessons for us and are our guides and teachers, when we are willing to listen to them and receive what they have to say in the way they say it.

What I love most about my own, specific role as an animal communicator is being the host of Talk2theAnimalsRadio, a show about animals, the animal-human bond and animal communication. Talk2theAnimalsRadio has been on air since the end of January, 2010. The show features weekly guests who are outstanding in their particular arena when it comes to working with animals and also features Talk2theAnimalsRadio Experts, who appear regularly on the show. Currently our experts are Darlene Arden, The Cat Expert ( and Rob Ragozzine, The Intuition Expert ( And, because this is a show about animals and animal communication, each week we have an animal guest on the show, sharing their wisdom with us. How does it get any better than that?

Finally, what brings delight to my heart about animal communication, is that EVERYONE can do it, you don’t have to be special, or psychic, or have special gifts. As I like to say – Remember: U2CanTalk2theAnimals!

Harmony, Janet Roper

A little about Janet:

Janet Roper is an animal advocate, an internationally known animal communicator, author and host of the popular Talk2theAnimalsRadio show , a show about building the animal-human bond through animal communication.

Janet has appeared at the Celebrity Gift Mart of the American Music Awards, and has been featured in numerous news articles, magazines and as a guest on various radio shows. A speaker and author, she is a contributing author to the book “Angel Horses: Divine Messengers of Hope” by Linda and Allen Anderson. She is cheerfully owned and managed by three cats, one dog and one Best Horse.

Janet offers:

Animal communication readings, and she is co-author of the learning animal communication media package “Opening the Door to Animal Communication” You can hear her radio show at on Tuesdays at 8PM CENTRAL and Thursdays at 1PM CENTRAL.

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