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Heaven is for real and thanks

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First off, a great big thank you for such a successful BACK TO SCHOOL SALE! Yay!

It’s still summer, even though it is winding down and I’ve been exploring through reading. My most recent read is Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo. It’s the tale of a lovely family– a young pastor, his wife, and small children– and his tale of a very dark night of the soul when his youngest child becomes mysteriously ill.

It’s interesting that before his child got sick, the pastor hit upon one illness after another of his own, and his life got progressively harder. Then his son became ill, and we are right along with him feeling exhaustion and questioning God. The first doctor they went to for help misdiagnosed the boy, causing the child to be admitted to another hospital much later gravely ill with a ruptured appendix. But the story is about what the little boy remembered when he claims to have visited heaven in those moments he was close to death.

I love books like these because they explore the ultimate question we all have about heaven. It is a Christian book, because the boy is raised in a Christian family, so what he experiences in Heaven matches what the young Pastor writing the book knows well of. This was the only part I didn’t resonate with since this was not my upbringing, but from my own studies I have learned that what we experience in heaven is what we know of and expect.

My favorite part of the book and (SPOILER ALERT) was when the little boy comes back remembering time playing with his little sister in heaven, who he had never met, but who was an actual miscarriage in this world. Boy, did I let out some good cries reading this part as I’ve had this experience, and often wondered what happens to the soul who was meant to come in and wasn’t able to which gave the author and his wife much peace. This also provided proof/validation of what the little boy reported.

Overall, it was a sweet and short read that I enjoyed. Although the book is about the little boy’s recollection of heaven, it’s really a shared journey (between us, the reader, and the writer) on how the young father has his faith restored after it was greatly tested.

I give it two paws up.

Other books about heaven I really enjoyed:

  • Talking to Heaven by James Van Praagh
  • Embraced by the light by Betty J. Eadie

Until next time, I’m off to teach Fairy Online School. (Incidently, I am offering Talking To Spirits and Ghosts and Animal Mediumship this fall)

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