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When our animals cross over — the big mystery

762205664_39ed29e30c_mMy beautiful dog friend/family member became an angel dog the other day. But I’m not going to go maudlin and sad. I can’t. I felt her after she left her body and she felt excited and happy and out of pain. It was like she was graduating and I was the Sophomore in high school and my best bud was the Senior leaving for college. I felt awe, envy and sadness of being “left behind” to continue school.

Since my fascination is with the spiritual world this all got me thinking about transitioning and when we cross over. We don’t talk about death. It’s a scary topic, but the transition from “here” to “there” has always intrigued me.

I’ve talked to numerous animal clients through the years and while their people are grieving terrible the loss, I could only feel the perspective of the animal, who was doing and feeling just fine. And the leaving process was all basically the same for each one — they slip out and become their spirit body, much like when we dream at night.

Now the non-believers used to irk me. I certainly didn’t appreciate being seeing someone who is “flighty” “crazy” “delusional” and not attached to this world. All of that makes me laugh a little today. I used to want to defend my position of what I felt. You see, my brain works very analytically most of the time, like a scientist, which probably surprises the folks who really don’t know me. I’d be the first to not believe years back. I need to experience to believe and after so many years of experiencing, I believe. Today I feel a deep sadness for those who don’t feel the presence of spirit at all because death must feel a final ending, and that would be just plain awful if it was in my belief system, so I won’t put it there.

I think it’s all how we are wired. For some reason, and I often curse being this way if I am completely honest, I was wired very empathic and tuned in. After talking to many of my very intuitive friends I realized we all had one big thing in common — some kind of trauma in childhood that caused us to leave our bodies on a regular basis. Naturally, that would create a direct experience or connection to Spirit. Up until the age of two I had very uncomfortable stomach issues. I remember popping out and hanging out on the ceiling, most likely to escape the pain and discomfort. All that makes sense that that door would be open. And if we are able to peer in and are made that way, there is a reason for it.

When we sleep we hang out in the Spirit world. If the understanding is that we were in heaven before we were born, then we all have memories deep inside of what it was like. We have that knowing. 

I love quantum physics that tells us energy can’t die, it’s just transformed. That’s a helpful fact that my scientist brain likes — see, science is backing up my experiences.

I’ve been there when clients crossed over. I’ve been there when several of my own animal family crossed over. Being empathic I felt their energy before and after. I needed to experience what that felt like to understand and experience the big mystery.

When Lilibeth our beagle passed, she was in a coma for several days. I woke up one night to find the entire room lit up in light and I could feel her energy/personality all around me. Her body kept going a few days later as it slowly shut down, but I knew she wasn’t “in there.”

I remember when our beagle Jake passed. It was very sad because he and Lilibeth had escaped the yard and ran off for a big adventure and were missing. We found Lilibeth several weeks later, but Jake never showed up. We went exploring in the woods where we found Lilibeth and as we ran searching I heard very clearly Jake bark right next to me but I couldn’t see him. I thought the worst. Later back at home, we were all watching television and we heard scratching and a big bump at the back door like Jake used to do, but just an invisible Jake. Poor guy was trying to let us know he was still there.

But the most clearest communication I ever had was with Lucy, our basset hound. She collapsed in the veterinary’s office of a heart attack after a long battle with an autoimmune disease. I was blessed at the time with a very intuitive veterinarian who came over to us and believed me when I told her my profession as an animal communicator. They tried to revive her in the back room we us there. I heard Lucy as clear as day, but standing beside me, not in the body. She must have saw our distress because I heard her, “I’m going to try to go back in.” I translated out loud those words and everyone looked at me like I was nuts. Her body was a mess. There was no way. But then she lifted her head up from the dead and opened her eyes and almost gave everyone in that room a heart attack themselves. She said clearly, “too much damage,” and then slipped away peacefully. I’m convinced that day those folks all believe in animal communication now. After that, she was a constant voice and presence that visited which helped me survive my grief. When she announced she was coming back in to a basset hound body that was very small, my husband didn’t believe it. A small basset? But she did. (I wrote about this in my Animal Mediumship class)

I wish I could bottle what I’ve experienced when the energy/personality of a soul is out of body and what that feels like for those who don’t believe and who really want to know. It would give such calm/peace and a deeper understanding. I am guessing it’s a little like being an alien who never experienced the taste of ice cream or cake. You’d have no idea what it was like or even if such things existed. And for those further along in the mediumship/spirit path, I won’t understand what they have experienced until I do. It will just remain a great mystery until they have their experience.



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  1. Yes. ….understanding my sensitivity to not general accepted issues by most of all people, make me a kind of messenger ( postwoman : ))))) . In the past It was a problem for me. Now I am Very proud and luck to be in this way (……… thank You Ronni, too )……and I feel comfortable with Unseen Worlds and Unseen Worlds messages are confortable with me ; ) and I know better when is time to open and time to close ( a little bit big problem for me , I made confusion etween Earth world messages and Unseen World Messages ). Thank You Ronni.

  2. Beautiful heartwarming story Ronni~ I see myself in your words and death was a topic I didn’t like talking about. I am learning to understand and accept in my heart we all live forever. Our spirit goes on and our love ones are watching over us and will be waiting for us when it is our time~ Just feeling your words of what you shared through your heart, embraced me even more to understand there is nothing to fear. We all will have our amazing spirit journey to be blessed with when that moment arrives.
    ~Thank you from my heart to yours~

  3. Very moving testimony–I’m a believer! Thank you for sharing your experiences though this blog and your many classes. It means so much to me personally, I feel so blessed.

  4. This was terrific–I loved it! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences through this blog and your classes. I’ve learned so much and continue to learn and so appreciate what you are doing!

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