Flower Essence Q and A

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What are flower essences and why are they so cool?

I discovered flower essences long ago. It wasn’t an instant pull; I was actually quite skeptical about them and a little wary. Like most new things, we make that step and surprised we hadn’t found that new thing that will help us all along. One thing I do know, the more I’ve used flower essences, the more I have felt this deep bond with Nature.

Many of my students and folks coming to this site have questions about what essences are, so I thought I’d have a little Q and A.

Q: What the heck are flower essences?

A: Check out this video on my art blog.

Q: Are flower essences like regular medicines?

A: No. Since there is nothing inside of them that is physical material, you aren’t reacting to a substance. They are safe to take with other medicines.

Q: Are flower essences cure-alls? I can take HOLLY for anger, and have no anger?

A: I wish! There are some essences that are “stabilizing” and those are great for reaching for immediate relief, like BACH RESCUE REMEDY will calm you right away in a scary situation. SALVIA is very emotionally calming. ASPEN will help alleviate great fear. These essences help in the moment. Some, like the PANSIES will help ease grief and sadness over time. Other essences will illuminate with use WHY you are angry or upset underneath and deal with an underlying pattern you keep reliving. As you take the essence, great insight will come up that will help you change that pattern or thinking and give you a new perspective.

Q: How do you take them?

A: I like putting a few drops in my water or under the tongue once a day if you are sensitive; 2-4 times a day otherwise.

Q: Can you take the wrong essence?

A: Many teachers say that if you take the wrong essence, you won’t resonate and you won’t respond. I found with sensitive folks we often respond to everything being so empathic. If you take an essence and you feel off or wonky it’s probably the wrong one and might be too strong.

Q: Can animals use essences?

A: Absolutely! My girls will lick them from my hand, or I can put a few drops on their bodies. I usually put the drops on their food or water.

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