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Elves in ten cent books

Messages arrive in interesting ways…

The library had a ten cent book sale! They are demolishing the discount book building to build a brand new library building. There wasn’t much left when I arrived, but I was very attracted to this workbook immediately.


I flipped to this page.


Development of creative thinking? Elf language and create elf food? This is my kind of book.


I had goosebumps…looking at this fun book I felt back on path after getting a little knocked off. I remembered, Oh yeah. THIS IS what I love to do. Make learning fun. Engage the imagination. Drawings with stories. Maybe it was elf magic. But it gets weirder…


Last night I had a dream. I was moving out stuff from a room. I remarked how I didn’t have much furniture to move, only boxes. Inside a box I found a paper lantern. I thought in the dream, I didn’t know I had this. I forgot. I wrote in my journal the next morning:

Japanese Lantern

Here I was in the 10 cent store with few books to choose from and I had this book in my hands — the elf workbook, and on page 160 there was the exact paper lantern I held in my hands in the dream. Interesting, eh?





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