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I’m freeing myself from Uphill Social Media

I really like Facebook.

I’ve created a support system of friends I can rely on. In the early days, FB was amazing for small businesses. You could post to your biz page and lots of folks would see it and word of mouth increased. Not so much lately. A couple of months ago I started bitching to friends. The bitching got worse. I noticed in my journals “FB PAGE” consistently made it to my “feels bad” list each week. With FB, I felt like I was climbing desperately uphill. It got worse. Now FB is withholding your page views unless you promote each post at $5 a piece. I understand you are trying to please your investors and make money, FB. That’s good. But this feels yucky.

I made an announcement on my FB page I was disbanding my biz page. 4 of the 400+ saw it.

It’s like a running joke now. I created an event. You used to be able to create an event and invite people. I can’t find the invite button, but I can promote it for $10.00. 2 people saw that.

 Just like any tool, tools make our job easier, not harder. Social media is just a tool.

Feel free to follow or subscribe to my personal page instead. Social media is a good thing if it works for us. Just like any tool, tools make our job easier, not harder. Social media is just a tool. Oh, and don’t get me going about Twitter and its opposite of connection….but that’s another day.


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