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Being Touched by Spirit


Last night I was up worrying. I had much on my mind. And as I closed my eyes to try to fall back asleep, I felt invisible arms take me into a warm embrace and I heard, “Everything will be all right.” It felt like a female presence but I couldn’t identify at that moment who it was. It was beautiful and comforting and I really needed that.

Everything will be all right

I hadn’t had an experience like that in a long, long time, and it reminded me of what had happened to me in college way back when.

I was into the second year of college on a large campus in Maryland. I loved the excitement and resources of a big college but my empathic self found it completely overwhelming. On top of it, I was in a bad relationship, and I wanted to switch majors out of a demanding, unreasonable design program and I couldn’t. It was no wonder I was having mysterious panic attacks at the time. I was seriously contemplating leaving school for some place safer. One weekend, I was sleeping over my boyfriend’s family home and was placed in the guest bedroom. The room was small and a little stuffy with a tiny window for light to stream in. I felt very alone and scared. Looking back, it was one of those rock bottom moments. I squeezed the bedsheet around me as hard as I could and just broke down in tears. I am not a crier — it has to be big for tears to readily flow. I think the spirit world recognized that because I felt someone take my hand and hold it. At first I was naturally startled. No one was around in the tiny little room. I fully expected to look down and see a hand connected to a person. But the warmth connected to that hand overpowered the fear and spoke volumes of what I needed just at that moment.

We can be hugged for a moment or feel those delicious tingles when we are feeling Spirit. Either it’s the Divine reminding us we are not alone and still connected, loved ones passed over, or personal angels, it’s all the same: LOVE when we need it.

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