Friday Excerpt & Poll

I missed Thursday Poll! Oh my! And they are so much fun. So here’s the Thursday Poll.

And for your excerpt of Fairy Online School, a lovely testimonial from Dar Payment:


“I really enjoyed Ronni’s Animal Mediumship class. I found that the lessons were not only fun, but also refreshingly progressive, starting first with the basic foundations for animal mediumship and then moving up in complexity. Each lesson was interesting and rich with tips and information on how to communicate with our beloved pets who have passed on. I also really enjoyed how each lesson amazingly prepared me for the next; and the exercises Ronni shared blew me away! What I found particularly unique about this class is that Ronni was easy to access if I had any questions, comments, or experiences that I wanted to share. I loved the personal touch!  I highly recommend this class!” ~ Reverend Dar P., Lake Elsinore, CA

Thanks Dar!