Fairy Online School Friday Fun


It’s Fairy Online School Friday — WOO HOO!

Fridays are when I deliver lessons and hang out at the Fairy Online School Schoology site answering questions and having fun with students. So, why not include you in the fun? On Fridays, I’d like to share either some cool student homework, or a tip from the school, or a fun worksheet to play with. Sound good?


For Today’s Morsel…


In the Fairy Beginner Fairy Healing class, I cover a featured flower essence each lesson to spotlight. Yarrow flower essence is one of my favorites. It’s great for protection for the sensitive, meaning feeling and making stronger walls or boundaries around you to feel less bombarded. This plant (which the essence originated from) even withstood the “Walmart test.” I bought it there and carried it around in the store and it may have been the first time I didn’t feel overcome with negative gunk! I love you Yarrow!