What is mercury retrograde?!


We’ve heard a lot about Mercury Retrograde lately and when the planets are in this situation not to plan, etc. I was super curious. What is this? Does it really affect people? As empaths, how would it affect us?

Ironically, as I was planning to write this post, fellow colleague Natalia Kuna, just posted this great blog post defining what Mercury Retrograde was! You can read the post here.

I did some more digging.

Over at Astrology Zone Mercury Retrograde sounds like a time of chaos, but the positive affects are really big psychological breakthroughs.

My friend Jennifer over at FemCentral gives us another aspect of this time and explains that “When you experience problems during a retrograde, it is not the retrograde CAUSING the problems. It’s just that retrogrades brings submerged problems to the surface, so you can catch and fix them before they turn into something worse.”*  She also suggests to look at the planet the retrograde is in. Catch that post over here. Sounds like introspective Pisces is where Mercury is hanging out.

Empathically, to me, this period feels very wide open emotionally. It feels less like chaos to me lately, thank goodness, but there has been much more profound insights when I sit down and listen. I am feeling more raw and vulnerable and I am picking up a great deal more sponge-wise then I usually do, so maybe Retrograde is a great time to work on strengthening those boundary walls. (I’ve noticed, also, everyone seems more reactive.)

And techie problems? Come to think of it, yesterday I tried three times to upload my new little film and when it finally did make its appearance on my site, it was all skippy in places.

How are you feeling?


*from post “What’s Really Going On When a Planet Goes Retrograde,” (August 5, 2011, Jennifer L. Shelton, Femcentral)



  1. This Merc Retro is hitting me harder than the past couple of retrogrades have affected me. Just reminds me to calm down, go with the flow, and perhaps turn away from what I’m doing and do something just for me!
    Great post 😉

  2. Great write up. I agree re raw emotions.
    So well-put! Im sure feeling it.
    Yes for sure it is ‘surface city’ as things cone up to the surface. Pretty intense! I think we r feeling things xtra this retrograde because of so many energy changes. So much is happening and also i believe behind the scenes.
    Its also about ‘loose ends’ – tying up mental, enotional and physical/practical loose ends. I see how thats so inportant before we truly ‘move fwd’ hang in there folks!

    Thanks for the link to my blog.
    Nice chatting w you. Keep in touch fellow enpath. Lots of love. Natalia kuna xxxx

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