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7 Jan


It’s time to stay on track (the whole new year’s resolution thing) and it’s super easy to get thrown from our own passion and heart when you are a sensitive, creative person. There’s the creative ADD factor which pulls you to everything that is sparkly or shiny (part fairy trait), and then there’s the empathic factor that has you caught up in everyone’s stories whenever you stop by Facebook, or stop by shopping for a carton of milk and come home with a whole lot of energies beside your own. I’ve noticed I needed much more time and space alone in the morning first to reflect on my own journey and what I want to do or need. The one big thing that is helping me stick to my own map is inspiration from other kindred spirits who I resonate with.

Here’s this week’s inspiration: 


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Box of Crayons is my kind of company. They teach in fun, little videos (yay), think out of the box (double yay) and keep you thinking expansively. If you sign up at their site, you can receive a series of emails called Kickstarters that help you create your “GREAT WORK.” Check them out here.


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Hopefully, my own little videos will inspire you to create and follow your favorite medium of expression, whether writing, drawing or sewing. Here’s my new video blog here. (I’d love to have you subscribe so you can be alerted of new videos, hint hint).


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Inspiration can come in weird places, especially when you are seeking it out. I found Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion magazine in a thrift store recently and remembered how deeply I loved it. It was perfect for sensitive artists, and had amazing quotes like “My work is a gift to myself,” from artist Maura Grace Ambrose. It’s ideal for clipping and making life collages. I just bid on a lot of the mags on Ebay. Cross your fingers I get it.

Until next time, Fairy blessings,

Designing Fairy


Watch for my upcoming book in the series, Help! I’m a Sensitive Artist

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