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The darkness is not getting darker…

shiniesI had to get off Facebook for awhile…

After the tragedy of the elementary school shooting, I couldn’t even bear to feel. But it was the nonsense that followed that I couldn’t let into my system anymore.

I’m going through a disillusionment period, which I think most of us are. Spiritual leaders I used to admire I am looking at with a new eye. Everyone is fighting over politics, issues and now gun control. Many of my own buttons and wounds were pushed because I do understand very much how someone can come into your life with untreated mental illness and destroy everything, so I am sure, I am feeling that backlash. And all the 2012 channelings and spiritual teachers talking of how on the 21st it will be a new dawn and we will be enlightened, etc., started to really piss me off with its lack of real information. It felt like it was all pulling back the curtains and revealing the wizard pulling a bunch of strings.

Is the darkness getting darker and fighting because we are bringing in so much light? Ask anyone who has been through trauma in their life and they will tell you they’ve seen darkness and it’s been around a long, long time. 9/11 happened quite a long time ago and destroyed many people’s lives. When I really thought about it, I saw a clearer picture. What if instead, many of us are waking up? That means we are getting it, seeing it, and instead mindlessly accepting all this madness we are speaking up and speaking out. And we were the silent few, so lots of folks want us to be silent again.

One of my favorite movies is Pleasantville. It’s about a fictional television town that is exposed to real people and starts to wake up. They are all in black and white and they become “in color.” That’s us. There’s always been corrupt politicians, democrat vs. republican fighting, traditional vs. non-traditional thinking and values, and evil vs. good. It’s the yin and the yang. If we wanted all good we would have stayed with God in heaven where it was all flowers and light and endless cupcakes. We miss that terribly. But we agreed to come down here to earth to experience that dichotomy. Call it the ego or the personality, but it’s a big part of being human and we need to accept that. When you are in a body it comes with the territory. It goes along with having to pee and eat. We wanted to learn and boy, are we ever. Probably a little more than we intended, so we are feeling rather uncomfortable.

So, no, the darkness isn’t getting darker, we’re just exposing it and bringing it out from under the table. We’re talking about it. We’re trying to heal it. We’re trying to bring in more balance. I like the idea that bringing in more light is about bringing in more knowledge and awareness. We’re being educated. And the spiritual leaders? They are trying to define it: like the rest of us, most are just trying to find an explanation for the madness and for things that don’t make any sense at all in this crazy earth plane.

*And empaths, limit your news exposure. You don’t need to tune in and carry the pain of the families in the tragedy. It’s too much for even one person to bear.

*Check out the book WHEN BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE by Harold Kushner



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