I’m Graduating and New Premiere Video



Next week I graduate from the fabulous and wonderful Graduate EDMT Certification Program at Full Sail University. I have such mixed feelings. I’m so excited on accomplishing such an intensive program and surviving with flying colors (yay!) and I plan on napping for days after this! My dogs are anxious to interact with me without “that thing” on my lap all the time. On the other hand, I loved school. The teacher got to be the student and it was so fun and rewarding. The biggest gain from school has been my switch in thinking to expansion vs. contraction. I saw how much more I was simply by having what the wonderful Maya Zaido calls “the right mirrors,” reflecting back to me. Where I had felt “not enough” in the struggle of my business and probably in most of my world for so long, I was seeing in myself gifts I didn’t know were there.

Here’s a gift for you!

How fitting to premiere now this little video I made during the Filmmaking for Education class based on my popular podcast. All day on Wednesday, 12/12, please stop by here and watch the video. And share here, if you like, how you are getting rid of your “not enough thinking” and how you can surround yourself with the right mirrors to thrive. Enjoy!