New Age Speak Deciphered

All fields and communities have their own languages to communicate to each other. In the classes I’m taking in Grad School I am learning about new technologies. In the technology world, at least in school, everything seems to be abbreviated. There’s PLEs and ETCs and BPs. I’m pretty confused at this point, but I would guess in about a month, I’ll be an old pro at this language.

This experience brought me to my thoughts of the metaphysical community. There’s a language there all it’s own. There’s lots of talk of energy and vibes and such. I like things simplified and easy to understand, after all, my job as a translator with animals and Spirit is taking the complex thoughts they send over and translating it into down-to-earth english. So, here’s some new age concepts defined.

New Age Speak:

  • BAD ENERGY. If someone has BAD ENERGY it usually means someone is a jerk, or really negative all the time and feels like a Debbie Downer, or they can feel scary and dark like a walking horror movie.
  • 2012. 2012 is the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar. Many metaphysical folk think that this will be a time where some will move into a light dimension and others will stay here. Sounds like other religions’ beliefs. I see it as gradual change that is already happening. Obviously, we are seeing lots of folks waking up and becoming more aware of themselves and their surroundings, because look at all the people who are hanging on to dear life of the 1950s in fear in resistance to change. And women, don’t you just want to go back to the 1950s and take away all your rights and your ability to think or speak?
  • Your thoughts become things. There is truth in this statement but it’s also a great way to beat yourself up even more! Something bad happens? It’s all your fault! You created it! Bad you! You thought wrong. My idea about this is, you know how you think about red cars and all of a sudden, there’s red cars everywhere? There’s ads on tv, someone hands you a magazine with a red car on it? You basically focus on that car and filter out the world like a giant computer and pull to you those images or even only notice those things. It’s like a giant Google search.
  • Lightworkers. Another word for healers born on planet earth to try and clean up the mess we’ve made of it.
  • Downloads. This is usually a dump of information into your brain and all of a sudden, you are super-wise. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always last and you can go back to being confused and bumping into furniture hours later. But, if it’s good information you can use and you integrate it, you can have some really good change in thinking and your perceptions of your problems, and even have solutions you didn’t think of.

I’m sure you have your own definitions and translations. Want to share?