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It’s the Ear Infection Labor Day Sale!

Probably never heard of that kind of sale, eh? My office assistant, Emma Lou, has an expensive recurring ear infection and we are currently financing the current veterinarian’s vacation home. 🙂 So, in honor of Emma’s ear, and the need to help support the veterinarian, and the upcoming Labor Day Sales that occur this time of year, you benefit! Woo hoo!

The special Ear Infection Labor Day Sale is good until Labor Day and starts right about…now.

The sale includes:

  1. 15% off at my Etsy shop which includes my FOR THE LOVE OF DOG book and Dogbunny Zine. Head on over to here and at checkout use coupon code LABORDAY5.
  2. Hour readings for people and dogs are now at the email reading rate until Labor Day. Schedule one now during this time for the discounted rate. (readings will be scheduled for sometime in the next two weeks). Woo hoo! That’s so cool! Yay ears!
  3. Be sure to take advantage of the several Fairy Online School classes including TAG101, which have discounted rates only until August 31st! That’s only 2 days away! Ack!

I thank you and Emma’s ears thank you and of course, the veterinarian thanks you. And the good part is I get to work with you or have you as a student! Win-win for all.

Hmm…perhaps we can make up other interesting holidays.

(Oh, and no, ear infections are not for sale. We found that out. But not sure who would want to buy one unless of course, you wanted to miss work or something.)



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