Avoid Walmart When you are Open

I’ve written about the “Walmart headache” in my book, so it surprised me when I had a similar experience there the other day.

It’s the beginning of the month when I like to load up on groceries. I’m very systematic that way. I buy plenty of meat for Sarah’s special meatloaf I make for her, and tons of cans of potatoes. I was singing away, prancing around the Wallyworld aisles as I ran down my list of food and goodies for my new- found hobby of learning how to cook.

Everything was going swimmingly well although I did feel a little closed-in when I noticed how many folks there were who also had the idea of loading up on groceries at the beginning of the month. Recognizing that feeling I wrapped myself in several colored bubbles for emotional protection.

I made it to the bread aisle this time when it hit me. What it felt like was the stomach flu overcame me. Making it to the other side of the store felt like an impossible task of walking through mounds of glue. Did I have food poisoning? my brain screamed at me. I was learning how to bake and cook. Maybe it took that long to “kick in.” (I do have a dramatic mind.)

Luckily, I was almost done with my list.

My mind was racing. How could this be? I even wrote about this in my book! I had my bubbles on! I grabbed my flower essences from my purse.

I pushed my cart to the checkout line and used it for balance as now I felt wobbly. There were tons of people around the checkouts–only 3 lines open out of many and everyone was crowded in like a tight elevator.

I grabbed a magazine at the counter to distract myself. That helped. Although it’s sad about Penny Marshall’s health and Katie Holmes looks somber. Finally, I brought in my Turtle Shell all around me safe and sound. And the nausea went away.

What happened in Walmart? I think the store is set up with no air flow, no windows. The energy just sits there in little globs and if you are empathic, you pick it up, especially if you are open psychically. That particular spot probably had one stuck spot that registered as overload in my body and so I shut off. Often, we resonate to certain emotions that we are feeling or wanting to be known, but that’s a whole other blog post.

Did you ever have that happen to you? What worked and didn’t work?


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  1. Yes I have been there and felt the same thing…but in malls. This was maybe 20 years ago. Then again it happened about 10 years ago but in traffic congestion, elevators, any tight squeezed in spaces. I’ve been doing fine for awhile now. I hope youre grounding yourself enough…hug a tree…find several tree friends. I also do WAM Reiki during those times of feeling the bogged down energy.

  2. Ronni
    I totally get this, I can not go into Target at all. The last time I was there my heart was racing, I could not get a clear thought in my head my legs felt like they weighed a ton and I felt just plain confused. It got worse the closer I got to the electronics department (I am VERY sensitive to EMFs I can’t even have a cell phone) and I was wobbling by the time I left. Walmart is on the no list as well, partially because of what you experienced and partly because it is so freaking bright.

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