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Do you have an Insect Attachment?

Yesterday, while watching a movie and cuddling my basset, I felt a huge drop of energy, fear and a wave of insecurity. These feelings didn’t match the comfy feel of my dog girl, or the interesting movie I was watching. I wasn’t recently slimed or had any negative interactions with anyone that I was aware of. I noted it and went to bed to do a meditation to take care of it.

Calling in my helpers, and of course the Fairies of the house, I scanned my body. And there it was…an attachment on my shoulder! You know the expression, “feeling like someone is always over your shoulder?” There isn’t a saying like that? Well, there should be. That is definitely how I felt!

The attachment clairvoyantly looked like a giant spider looking quite comfortable clutching to my shoulder.

The biggest symptom I could make out of knowing the attachment was there was the recurring, OCD-like thoughts in my head I couldn’t get rid of. I felt like someone else’s energy was on top of mine.

I’ve been watching this fun anime series, HOLIC, which is quite spiritual in nature. The show is very entertaining, but what I really like about it is it addresses the dynamics of psychic energy. The main character even sees energy, like I do, which is comforting. In the episode I was watching about two twin girls, the one twin was a bit of a failure and a klutz. Deeper into the episode we see that the other twin basically fed into her sister’s mind treadmill with remarks like “Oh no, you don’t want to trip. You know how you mess up….” It was fascinating to see as each time she remarked, there were waves going out to her plagued sister that the cartoon audience could see. That little attachment on my shoulder felt just like that.

Once I cleared the little insect parasite off my shoulder (I asked it to leave!) and brought in all the good fairy energy — my matching energy — I slept like a baby and had wonderful, funny dreams. And this morning, I could see and think clearly. I was even able to write this lesson!

Attachments are a different form of SLIMING. They hang on and influence. Sometimes they are other folk’s energy from far away or nearby, or something we picked up from others, and other times spirits are hanging on. But the key is to recognize them and send them far away, just like you would relocate the spider or fly out of the house.

Thanks to Marla mentioning, I did remove one word from this post. Normally, I don’t change what I write, but she did make a very good point as I wasn’t clear in my writing. I do like spiders, I don’t like nasty attachments that are stuck to me.


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2 thoughts on “Do you have an Insect Attachment?

  1. Dear Ronni,
    I just read your insect attachment article & at the end you said “relocate the nasty spider or fly out of the house”. I am surprised that you would use the word nasty to describe the spider or fly since you are an empath & animal communicator! Nasty is not a kind word to describe other beings, esp. a spider who is a valuable part of our ecosystem. So many people are scared of spiders & the word nasty only adds more fear & negative energy to this! Spiders want to be left alone & not interact with humans. It is very easy to gently communicate with the spider energetically to ask them to stay outside once they are relocated out there. They are not nasty! I usually love reading your articles yet I just felt using the word nasty was out of character for one usually so sensitive to other beings.

    1. Good call, Marla, since I actually like spiders, and most of them hang out in my house. As I was writing that, I was thinking more of the attachment which was nasty! That was what I was focusing/seeing on removing and have it rid from the house. Now, flies, I do understand them, but they can be pains in the asses. Thanks for helping me clarify.

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