Celebrate the Woo Hoo’s

Most sensitive people have a few characteristics that are the same:

  1. We like to please.
  2. We can be very hard on ourselves.
  3. We are hard-working and considerate, and very diligent.

I noticed these traits in myself and many of my students and clients.

On top of being a sensitive, I am also a Capricorn who likes to climb mountains; usually impossible ones. Climbing the impossible ones are a habit from childhood–very high expectations I continually tried to reach. I often forget my sensitive nature and plow right over it which can cause lots of problems which make climbing mountains difficult & failure inevitable.

Today, I tuned into guidance on my many endeavors and my climbing the impossible, and heard clearly to Celebrate What I’m Doing Right. I call this Celebrate my Woo Hoo’s!

Being very creative, like most folks who visit THE DESIGNING FAIRY, I whipped out my art journal. I began to keep track of my successes, listing them, and any happy compliments coming my way, and even little milestones like, “Wow, I didn’t kill the Weed Guy this week even though I really wanted to.” I judged my success on how I felt, and who I touched or helped–what mattered to me. I hope to keep this a habit — my weekly check-ins– to form a new habit of thinking to replace the years of contradictory non-woo hoo thinking.

What can you celebrate?