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Signs you have a sensitive pet

If you are sensitive, chances are you have a sensitive animal companion. My Sarah is my poster child for sensitivity. She mirrors me often and has many of the same empathic characteristics.

7 Signs of a Sensitive Pet:

  1. Sensitive digestion. Like me, if I introduce a new food into my diet suddenly, or if I eat something I shouldn’t, OR I am emotionally upset or nervous, my stomach will cry out loud and clear. Same thing for Sarah.
  2. Sensitive to medication and chemicals. Sarah will react to strong antibiotics, aspirin, and a little painkiller goes far. Too much will cause problems, that’s why many holistic and natural methods work best for her.
  3. Sensitive to emotions. Sarah is super empathic and will pick up when I am upset hours before I even realize it. She needs to learn how not to carry my stuff.
  4. Sensitive to change. As long as our schedule is consistent our life goes swimmingly well. If I am out most the day when I ordinarily am not, I will come home to a very agitated Sarah and lots of protesting messes.
  5. Sensitive to energies. Sarah will be the first one to know if there is a visiting spirit in the house.

Just like with people, there are lots of tools you can add to your repertoire to assist your sensitive pet. Sign up and start any Friday Fairy Online School Friday the combo teleclass (audio lessons) and written lessons CARE OF THE SENSITIVE PET! Offered all through October with minimum homework and lots of information and help for your friend.



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  1. Ronni

    This was great. Tigger is unquestionably a sensitive like me. I too have very sensitive digestion, adding something new can lead to a whole lot of pain.

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