Last night’s fairy interview

My friend Janet Roper has a fabulous radio show you will all love all about animal communication! Last night I had the privilege to be one of the guests on her show talking about THE CONNECTION BETWEEN FAIRIES AND ANIMALS, my two favorite subjects! The show was excellent which included a holistic health tip and a great interview with Nedda Wittels regarding lost animal cases. To hear all of it and hear me giggle while I talk of fairies go here. (My interview is during the second half of the show.)

Interesting aside, after participating in the radio show, I had fabulous dreams about flower gardens and light until waking up at midnight to a loud BANG coming from the reading room. When I went to check on it I noticed my fairy poster had fallen off the wall onto the ground. Interesting, eh?



  1. Hi Ronni,
    I’d like share with You a little beautiful thing happened to me today early morning:
    I was waiting the bus to go to my workplace, suddenly a nice cat arriived running and he stopped just a second in line to me and looked at me with an up leg as He was saying ” Who are You?”.
    And he went away to his home. Very nice.
    Do you think he was telling me something? I think so, but I don’t know.
    Maybe was my fantasy.
    I like this kind of happening, though none here understands me in this way, only the Cat. : )
    Italian Turtle

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