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Fairy Online School Friday: Roses

It’s Friday! And that means Fairy Online School excerpts. Today’s excerpt is from the Healing With Roses mini class that is available for sign-ups all throughout the month of July. You can sign up here. Your totally FREE tip:

Roses you are attracted to are meant just for you

“I wanted to know if experimenting with making my own essences from roses I picked would be just as powerful. I found out that these essences were just as effective and even more tailored for me and my family. I was told that the roses I was attracted to and that came into my life were the right energies for me. So, the roses you are attracted to, are perfect for you!”



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2 thoughts on “Fairy Online School Friday: Roses

  1. Hi,
    roses is a very armonious lower. Nature is wonderful and balanced in her rhytmes.
    May I know what do You think about succulents and aromatic plants?
    I like a lot cactacee and succulents and aloe and agave.
    Also flowers, in partcular pansy, sunflower and portulaca.
    I have some on my terrace.
    Here in Italy is a very hot Summer,


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