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Have you been slimed?

Slime attacks. As a sensitive person, I can be negatively influenced from the television I watch, the stuff I read, my encounters with other people, and even telepathically from people far away. Often, I pick up negative poo coming at me by noticing my mood. For three days I felt foreign energy invading my space and watched my mood gradually decline. Before that I felt hopeful, positive, proud, and on path. What happened is I was warned before I got big-time slimed.

When I think of Slime Attacks, I think of the scene in Ghostbusters when the cute green ghost slimes Bill Murray with green ectoplasm. In a way, psychically it’s the same.

Symptoms of a Slime Attack:

1. You feel a huge drop in mood like I did.

2. You don’t feel creative; This one is super tough. Slime energy is constipating: expression feels unsafe so it goes underground. If you are like me, this is super dangerous. When you are super creative you NEED to create, express, get it out of you. It’s like breathing. What isn’t allowed to come out will find a way through headaches, illness and anger fits, and depression. Where you feel proud, excited, good about yourself, all of that will be squeezed out of your body with the presence of slime.

3. You feel shame. Oh, this is an awful, awful feeling. You feel down about you in some way. Slime attacks target you with shame and go for your sore spots. Yuck! You begin to feel something is very wrong with you and you are BAD or wrong in some way. Unless you just killed a room filled with people, or abused an animal should you ever feel this way or have it thrown at you. Most folks are doing the best they can, and don’t intentionally try to hurt or take anything away from others unless they are sociopathic and are mean-spirited.

4. You either feel too hungry and want to eat everything in sight, or don’t want to eat at all. That’s a response to the slime energy, and your system is trying to do something with it because it can’t assimilate it. (Exception is eating Walmart’s cherry pie which has some addictive ingredient in it. 🙂 )

5. You feel fear. This is the biggest symptom of slime attacks whether talking to a negative person, or having someone throw their stuff on you, or even watching a news program. You feel the opposite of supported and loved and hopeful for the future. In fact, you go into the mode of “I have to do it all on my own” survival mode that fear likes to put you in.

Okay, you identified that you have been slimed, what do you do?

Super good question. First, de-slime. Sit in meditation and do some kind of de-cord exercise from the source of the slime (I just wrote such a meditation in my Empath Skills class). You have to pull that gook off of you.

Two, realize that it’s seriously not cool for anyone to be mean or harsh and throw stuff on you. That’s not yours to carry.

Three, return back to you and reclaim your positive space. When we are slimed, however it comes, you’ve been intruded upon in your space. I like making a list to prepare myself for anytime I am going to get thrown off like this, which will help me bring me back to a positive, centered place. My list usually includes talking to one of my close friends, spending time with my girl dog-ters, or even be in Nature.

You do need some time to come back after a sliming. Emotionally, as a sensitive, it hurts. I have a vivid memory of high school drama club rehearsels. Carol N., another lead in a play, came over and viciously slimed me out of nowhere with comments like “You think you are all that…” etc. It was a bizarre moment because I never said much to her before this. I even worked pretty hard at not having any kind of an attitude. I was devastated, and clutched at my best friend at the time, and started to burst into tears, which was odd for me, because I never cried. She was clearly dumping her stuff on me, discharging her anger and upset and whatever else so she’d feel better. I don’t know if she did, but I stood in amazement that anyone could just be so out and out mean to someone. The tears were for the hurt but also from my confusion. I wasn’t used to it. If she had a problem with me, I much rather she had sat me down and talked to me about her feelings. I would have honestly listened and tried to understand.

Happy de-sliming, my friends. I am off to spend time with my dog-ters, be in Nature, and talk to close friends. 🙂



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5 thoughts on “Have you been slimed?

  1. Hi, could be that slime arrives in subtle ways? Our gut feels that, but as there are no clear words accompanying this slime, we feel bad without any choice to fight against it.
    This is my big problem. And feeling bad with no choice to react, I become angry.
    Is there an immediate and fast good tool for this? I have been looking this tool for years… I don’t like to slime back. But I don’t like to feel bad for others’ bad mood. It is not polite.
    Thank You
    Italain Turtle Elena

  2. I feel fear more than anything.

    I would collapse from the sensation of the slime itself.

    The sensational feeling of the slime felt cold to the touch, causing me to collapse and be rendered defenseless to another attack.

    Slime is an elemental thing of earth and water, and water is my element, so the sliming is healing to me, so long as it is warm enough not to make me collapse.

    I still need to get the slime out of my hair before it freezes my position and makes me collapse to the ground from it’s coldness.

    Slime may seem as an unfamiliar energy to you, but it’s the energy of water and earth (and maybe even light since it can be colorful).

    Is there a way I could be less sensitive to the cold sensation of the slime?

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