My First Flower Essence

It’s Friday which means Fairy Online School Friday and that means excerpts. This is the intro to my Flower Essence or FEC100 class that starts today (sign ups until midnight)

My First Flower Essence.

I met my first flower essence years back at the same time I met my former Reiki teacher. She was a nurse who migrated into the world of Reiki Healing. After giving me a treatment on the table, she whipped out her trusty pendulum and positioned it over a bunch of bottles before her on a little table.

 “You need this one,” she said, and thrust the little bottle into my hands.

Oh no,” I protested. “I am allergic and sensitive to everything.”

You’ll like this,” she insisted.

I stared at it.

What do I do with it?” I was mildly curious.

Just place a few drops from the bottle under your tongue, twice a day. You’ll see. It will really help.”

 I brought the little bottle home with me to bond. The label said BUTTERCUP, and it was indicated for healthy self-worth. As a child, I loved picking buttercup flowers and placing them under my chin to see my chin turn yellow. It was a magic flower.

 I stared at that bottle for at least two weeks. I don’t know what I expected. I’ve experienced in different healing modalities that have been too strong for me, I paid with too strong emotional or physical reactions later.

 After those two weeks, I couldn’t take it anymore. I took a few drops and waited for either my transmutation into a werewolf or some other creature, or for nothing to happen. The effects were subtle at first. I felt a boost of warmth and then happy thoughts came through my mind of feeling loved and good. “Not bad,” I thought. This isn’t terrible. I can survive this.”

 Day two brought up some uncomfortable feelings of what issue or beliefs were blocking my self-worth at that time. It wasn’t overwhelming insight, just mind-opening and shift-making, and I could feel the buttercup supporting me as I went through this process.

 By day five, I had made a definite shift in my perception of myself, and those awful beliefs were dropping away.

 I was hooked.