A little tip for the Sensitive today…I’ve spent most my morning organizing my messy files on the computer. I’ve got old lessons mixed in with new in their file folders, files not in the right folders and in strange places, and basically, a big visual mess. When I am super busy this is usually what happens. Last week was such a week for me and I can tell from just looking at my computer and at my living room. How did my hairbrush end up on my kitchen table?

With all this disorganization, it makes sense that I would feel totally unfocused and even ungrounded. So, I spent the morning rearranging my schedule to reestablish some needed order. I’ve been cursing a little looking at the sheer mess of it all and both my dog girls have exited the room about an hour ago. I am sure, though, once I am done, I will feel a lot more focused and calm. Are you in a similar situation? Need to get things more organized?

Back to work…



  1. Yes,
    many things overhelm.
    But, oddily, when I put order, I cannot find things.
    I think It depends by my multitasking brain,
    I start from a point (things) and find many others ( things). It is like a picture: many things in a unity. Make order could seem to loose things’ unity.
    But ,as You say, order it is important to focus.
    Sometimes I put things ( thoughts) in order and I feel something is little bit out of my order. And I become tired to put order and lose my creativity.

    A sensitive’ s dilemma? ( : )))

    All my best.
    Elena, Verona

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