Psychic Observations, etc.

Been a few weird weeks lately psychically. Since I journal a great deal, I decided to share some of my observations that I wrote down.

  1. My telepathic ability has increased. Talked to a few intuitive friends and they have noticed similar observations. There’s almost an amplification of what I hear, which means I need to watch out to who I connect to and what I pick up. Are the voices helpful or not helpful?
  2. Many animals are crossing around this time, and celebrities! There must be a door open right now.
  3. I just finished watching the british tv series, Merlin, Season 2. Love, love it. I can’t tell you enough about how this show has touched me. It’s wonderfully done with great attention to the characters’ development, clever stories, and great fight of good against evil where sometimes the line is blurred. I must have lived during Camelot times, because it super resonates. Maybe it’s just the “having an ability many don’t understand or you need to keep hush-hush.”
  4. I feel more open psychically most of the time. Things that shut me off are more obvious now such as exposure to the news, negative people, etc.
  5. Is it me or are the crazy people getting more crazy? Or more of those that have issues and are very unaware seem to be getting more unaware or clinging to their unaware, making them appear more crazy. Did you follow that?
  6. Why isn’t there more mention that they discovered another mayan calendar that continues beyond 2012? Just another Y2K phenomenon?
  7. My empathic sense is growing stronger also which feels like the boundaries between me and those I care about are growing thinner and thinner in terms of communicating/picking up.
  8. My brain is going faster. Maybe it’s an adjustment to the fast-moving world of the web. When I write, I find I continually leave out words I thought I had typed. I used to just do this with leaving out letters.
  9. The more psychic I become, the less tolerance I have of bull shit.
  10. Dreams are becoming more vivid and lucid.

How about you? What are your observations?



  1. Ronni
    I totally agree with numbers 5,7,8 and 9. I am finding it harder and harder to relate to people who just are not willing to wake up. If you are looking for another good show to watch I highly recommend “Touch” which is just wrapping up its season on Fox. But all episodes up to now are online at

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