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In the Garden and Empathically Reading Flowers

My pansies were doing good until the high heat we’ve been having hit, so I put them in the backyard shade. This Pansy feels very uplifting and since most pansies are for healing the heart, this one is uplifting my mood! I don’t feel the deep clearing that I did when I worked with the purple pansy essence I made.

The Rosa Mundis (Candi Rose) are doing well this year. They smell so sweet. These flowers are great for getting my imagination and creativity flowing. I made an essence of them last year.

The sweet yellow tea roses are covering their bushes with blooms. I made an essence of one yesterday which is now in research mode. I can tell the flower’s healing pattern is for confidence and self-esteem because I felt the effects right away even during the process of making the essence.

Love the red roses climbing up the wall. This rose (Red Rose) is great for healing addictive thinking–that brain on the hamster wheel feeling. I made an essence of it last year. There’s less of the blooms this year. I wonder if I need it less?

I love the smell of these roses (Hot Pink Rose) that are so large they could be on steroids! There are so many this year, I must really need them. This essence is so great for discouragement and lost hope.

Why, what’s this found in the garden? Doesn’t look like a flower. No, that’s my office assistant, Emma Lou Bangles, taking a coffee break.

I have some news roses to make essences out of this year. Like most roses, they feel very uplifting and high in vibration. These feel like they affect my mood in a good way, like sunshine.

The Lupine that surprised me has made an interesting flower essence. It’s still in research, but its healing pattern embodies self-reliance and strength even if living in an arid or non-supportive environment.

These beautiful flowers are teachers and healers, and most likely, will become flower essences. They will also become models for my deck and other cards.

Incidently, all the essences are available on my site here.



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